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Who was Zoe Sozo Bethel and how did she die, what was her cause of death?


What Happened To Zoe Sozo Bethel and what was her cause of death? Miss Alabama Died In Car Accident: Recently, there is a piece of news coming out on the internet that Miss Alabama Zoe Sozo Bethel died in a car accident. The accident took on February 10. And that was the last moment of her life. In this article, we gonna discuss him. The news was hundred percent true that Miss Alabama Zoe Sozo Bethel has died in a car accident. Somebody reported that the death caused was a fatal brain injury in which she lost the signals from the nervous system and she dies. Alabama has died in a horrible car accident in the early evening at the age of 20. It’s hard to believe that the young generation is losing lives at a very young age. At this age, kids were trying to do many things. They explore various lines, build their careers and make some living whereas some were dying and do some nasty things which are against the rules and norms. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Zoe Sozo Bethel

What Happened To Zoe Sozo Bethel?

Zoe Sozo Bethel’s car accident happened on February 10 where she received a traumatic head injury leading the model to a medical coma. Additionally, Miss Alabama America was declared dead by the Betha family by sharing on the Instagram post. Bethel could be an ex-mannequin who was suspected of being a mannequin by President Trump when he intervened on her behalf.

Zoe Sozo Bethel Death Cause

As a result of the incident, Zoe decided to work as a task mannequin and advocate for freedom of expression and self-expression. Bethel used her current circumstances to inspire American kids, reminding them that freedom of expression is a basic American right guaranteed by the Constitution.


How did Zoe Sozo Bethel die?

Bethel will be remembered as a beautiful model ambassador for Turning Point USA and the Falkirk Center at Liberty University, as well as a reporter for the organization. At this time, there is no information available about what caused Zoe Bethel’s accident. On Thursday evening, Miss Alabama was engaged in a car accident that left her with severe brain injury. She passed away after spending some time in a coma.


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Zoe Sozo Bethel Dead In Car Accident

On many platforms like Twitter and Reddit posts, Zoe Sozo Bethel died in a car accident that occurred on February 10. When the accident happened, she was in a coma. Doctors declared it but now she is recovering and is out of danger. Her family members which named Santiago Roman created a GoFundme page in the name of her where the donated amount is given to her family.


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Zoe Sozo Bethel’s family affirmed the death of Zoe Sozo through a statement that was shared on a social media platform. According to her obituary, she was suffering from an incurable brain injury which she got from an accident and in last it would become her cause of death. Keep reading this article till the end as here readers of this page will get to learn about her persona and her family background. and this article will also let you read about her experiences throughout her career. So scroll down the page and look at all the paragraphs of this news article.

According to the record, she was the brand ambassador and executive producer for the organization of Miss Liberty America. But her death news was shared by her family after the three days of the tragic accident saying “she might not have much time left” and that news has broken many hearts of her fans and family members. As we have mentioned above, the death cause of Zoe was an incurable brain injury that later became the reason for her saddened demise, this news was made public by her family through an Instagram post. Follow the further section to read what has been written in the post that was uploaded by her family on her official IG account.

The post was written as “On 10th Feb 2022 in the night on Thursday Zoe had an accident in which she got severe injuries in her brainstem/brain and is in a coma and the medical staffs are claiming that her brain injuries can not e cured and unfortunately she may not have left with too much time”. Her family revealed her death news a few days later in which they wrote, “she succumbed to her brain wounds on Friday approximately at 5:30 AM on 18th Feb 2022 in Florida in Miami”.

She was a brand ambassador and executive producer at the Miss Liberty America group. Tributes are being pouring on social media platforms since this news took over the internet. Regardless Miss Liberty America also paid tribute to her through its official website where they wrote “Zoe’s light was a bright light just like the sun and her light will shine forever”. Zoe also remained as a commentator for RSBN and she had also worked for Turning Point USA as a brand ambassador. Stay connected with us for more details and updates.

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