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What Happened To Yousef Makki Mother Debbie? Grief Stricken Mum Dies In Sorrow After Son Was Killed


What Happened To Yousef Makki Mother Debbie? Grief Stricken Mum Dies In Sorrow After Son Was Killed: How difficult for a mother to accept the demise of their child. The mother gets devasted with the thought of not seeing her child again. Debbie Makki, the mother of a son who got stabbed to demise, tragically died on Sunday, 24th of May, 2020. Continue to read to know more about it. On 2nd March 2019, Yousef Makki, a promising young man from a modest background in Burnage, south Manchester, got killed by his friend Joshua Molnar. Yousef and Joshua were both 17 at the time. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Yousef Makki

What Happened To Yousef Makki Mother Debbie?

In the spite of being acquitted of criminal homicide, Joshua was cleared collectively by informing the jury that he had acted in self-defense. A new Channel4 documentary titled “Killed by a Rich Kid”, is bringing the case back to the forefront of the public. After watching the series, several people believe that the 17-year-old and his family did not get justice.

Yousef Makki Mother Debbie Pass Away In Sorrow After He Was Stabbed To Demise

The mother of Yousef Makki, Debbie Makki passed away just over a year after he son got stabbed to demise. Her family stated that she died with a broken heart. The 55-year-old, Debbi was taken to the hospital by ambulance after becoming ill. She tested negative for Coronavirus but developed an infection that progressed to sepsis.

The grandmother and mother had spent a few hours in the intensive care unit at Wythenshawe Hospital prior to passing away. After her demise, her family members asserted that the lockdown kept her away from viewing her grandchildren. As a consequence, it kept her going in her sorrow for her late son. As soon as she reached the hospital the doctors informed her that the situation of Debbie was critical.

He had also reported to them that she was too weak to battle. The Makkis’s and Makoums’ stated in a sad statement that their lives had fallen apart all over again. They were heartbroken when they learned of the demise of Debbie.

Parents And Family Details Of Yousef Makki

Yousef Makki came from a humble family and his parents were not wealthy. But Yousef had got a scholarship to Manchester Grammer school, which gave them great pride. Debbie the mother of Yousef, along with her daughter Jade Akoum, campaigned against late and knife crime.

She explained the moment a surgeon informed her he could not save her son at an anti-knife crime summit at Manchester Cathedral in the autumn of the year 2019. The brave mother did not hold back and openly expressed her mourning over the loss of her son to the public.

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