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What Happened To X Factor Judge DMYTRO SHUROV? Breaks Contestant’s Guitar Video Viral On Social Media!


What Happened To X Factor Judge Dmytro Shurov? Breaks Contestant’s Guitar Video Viral On Social Media!: X-Factor is the most earned reality show and it is even famous worldwide people use to watch this show. This show is highly appreciated by the viewers and they love to watch it as the concept of the show is so eye-catchy and also different from the rest of the reality shows. People are crazy to be a part of the show and they all use to watch each and every season of the show. This time the show is in the headlines due to the judge of the show. Why the show is making the news headlines and what is the reason behind this. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dmytro Shurov

What Happened to X Factor judge Dmytro Shurov?

To know all these and to grab the update stay connected to our article. As we are here with the complete story. So without any more delay let’s know what is happening around. The highly known and popular judge of the show “Dmytro Shurov”. He was judged  8th and 9th seasons of the show. He was given many fair judgments on the show. He went on the stage and grabbed the guitar of the captions after which he smashed this guitar of that participant n the stage. And that was so rude of him.


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X Factor judge Dmytro Shurov Breaks Contestant’s Guitar Video 

He said that the performance of the participants was not good and this is the only reason I smashed his guitar. Everyone on the show gets stunned to see a loud reaction from him. The performer was also reminded stunned and he was acted like what going on here. Whereas the audience was also shocked to see the aggression of the judge. Then he cools down and when he was returning to his seat he received the big round of applaud.

The name of the contestant is Juri Hancurkan and he was the victim of the loud reaction of the judge. He got so tense and started to cry and then he unveiled the truth that the guitar was gifted to him by his late father. Well this is so heartbreaking and the fans of the judged are now taken to Twitter and they all are aginst of his rudeness. It is still unclear that what action has been taken against him. There isn’t any public reaction given by him and everyone is waiting for him to release the statement. He is also known as the best guitarist and musician.

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