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What Happened To WILL SMITH’S SON JADEN SMITH? Dead Or Alive Accident Death Hoax Debunked


What Happened To WILL SMITH’S SON JADEN SMITH? Dead Or Alive Accident Death Hoax Debunked: As we all know that Will Smith was a wonderful guy, worked in many films, and was known for Hollywood movies. One of the most popular and hit films which he started to know in Hollywood movies whose name is the Pursuit of Happiness. Everybody knows how he performed in the movie and how he played a great role in the movie. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Will Smith's Son Jaden Smith

What Happened To Will Smith’s Son Jaden Smith?

From this movie, he started getting to know the market and many big companies sponsored him. He started gaining a reputation, respect in the eyes of the public and in the eyes of his own family. Such a great guy. Recently, there is a piece of news coming out on the internet that his son named Jaden Smith was dead. These kinds of rumors are circulating on the internet. Is this news true or not. Let’s find out in this article.


Nowadays, the internet became a new world. In this world, you can create a new personality or destroy older personalities, especially in the case of celebrities. Among them, one case is coming to the fore that Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith is rumored that he is dead. It was officially confirmed by his father but this is not true. He is alive.

Did Will Smith’s Son Die?

Many users on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter take this statement very seriously and start worrying about the young star. The comments were flooded like a nuclear bomb which is saying, May his soul rest in peace, my best wishes and prayers are always with you. I feel very bad about hearing this news. My all prayers and best wishes from the bottom of my heart are coming with you. These kinds of comments are circulated on the internet.

People are innocent they don’t know from which source the information was getting or they should check the information whether the information is true or not. Many users have got misunderstandings towards his death news. Whoever, spreading this rumor, will definitely be in jail. The actual news is he is alive, he did not die.

Is Jarden Smith Dead or Alive?

He was currently living with his dad, spending the good moments with their loved ones, and sitting at the beach in beautiful sunshine. On his official Instagram account, he is answering random people’s questions which he loved to do and recently he posted a picture of him where he got many likes and many comments. We tell you again. Jaden Smith was alive he is not dead. If any news was came, then we will definitely tell you.

There are rumors about Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith, that has been passed away. After the death hoax of Jaden Smith surfaced on the web and on all the social media platforms too, after which the fans are so shocked to receive it that they started to be paying their tribute to him. But after the research, we get to know that this is just a bumper about him as he is still alive. But the question is whether he met to an accident or not? Grab the answer in the blog below by continuing to read it.

Jaden Smith News Accident

Jaden Smith is a rapper and there has been a death hoax about him after which the fans of him took their social media accounts and they started to be express their sadness.

How it is proved that this is just a death hoax of Jaden Smith?

When the rapper himself notices that his fans are searching for his death and they are paying tribute to him. Then he himself took to Twitter and there he penned a tweet that, “he is still alive.” After which his fans took to Twitter again and they apologise to him for their tribute by believing in his death rumors.


Will Smith And Jaden Smith’s death hoax flood social media?

This is the most necessary question to be answered here as the death hoax of the celebrities has been taking place several times and this sometimes affected their work-life so far. This started to be making round after a TikToker claimed that the actor or main lead of “The Karate Kid ” has died. After which the user themselves started to be issued the cause of his death. They claimed that he might have been met in an accident and passed away. The fans don’t have any evidence about it and they still assumed the reason for his death.

Smith isn’t the one who has fallen prey to the celebrity death hoax culture, there are others too who were rumored to be dead.

Netizens swarm social media addressing Jaden Smith’s death:-

Here are some of the tweets to be read:-

@Timilehin Daniel. Ade wrote, “Jaden Smith is no more it is hard to be accepted.”

@Subwei also took to Twitter and wrote, “Death of actor Jaden Smith is confirmed.”

Rumors had been spread that the son of Will Smith’s Jaden Smith tragically died in a car crash. Rumors spread through social media. Netizens started to believe in the rumor. Singer Jaden Smith’s fans started praying for the singer. they also begin to share posts on the singer’s death on social media. Everywhere created the environment where he has really died in the car crash. Fans have taken to social media to express their sadness. This rumor has become a celebrity hoax when Jaden tweeted today that he is alive and absolutely fine. It was just a rumor that was spread by social media. but no one tried to find the truth but stated expressing their feeling toward the singer

This rumor has been flooded by a social media post by TikTok. On social it was claimed by a TikToker that The Karate Kid actor has passed away. Many netizens were quite believed in the post and they started to flood social media. Netizens quickly trusted that he died in a fatal car accident and singer is no more without any reliable evidence. Even netizens did wait for the official update by the singer’s family. Rather than users started to post a tribute to the celebrity.

It is not very sockful because it is not the first time someone celebrity faced a death hoax rumor. Meanwhile included with Drake, Avil Lavigne, Nick Jonas, and Taylor Swift are among the other celebrity who already faced this death hoax rumor culture. When you listen to this kind of rumor you will shock, how could someone spread this kind of rumor without any official evidence?

As per a rumor spread that 24 years old singer has passed away by my netizens on social media by their posted post and tribute. they wrote singer Jaden Smith is no more with us. he has been passed away in a car crash. he paid tribute to the singer-actor on social media. Rathe than some netizens were furious to no it is true fact spreading on social media. they were trying to confirm the news by posting their post on many social media platforms. A Netizen asked in his furious post, ‘How can you say Jaden Smith is dead? Another said, ‘I checked will Smith’s page several times, Jada’s page, and Willow’s page I think it is just a popularity stand! Jaden Smith is alive and kicking trust me!

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