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What Happened To DR. VIJAY KAPOOR In New Amsterdam and Is Anupam Kher Character Dead or Reason For Leaving? Explained


What Happened To DR. VIJAY KAPOOR In New Amsterdam and Is Anupam Kher Character Dead or Reason For Leaving? Explained: American medical drama titled New Amsterdam is a Netflix series and its season 1 was broadcast on NBC on 25th September 2018. VJ Kapoor is a character who is portrayed by actor Anupam Kher and fans got worried after his disappearance from the show. Now VJ Kapoor’s name is in the questions of the viewers of New Amsterdam as he has not been seen in the recent episodes. This article will let you know more regarding this story so stay connected with us till the last line of the article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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What Happened To DR. VIJAY KAPOOR In New Amsterdam?

Peter Horton and David Schulner are the creators of the show and this series is based on the book named Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by Eric Manheimer. According to sources, VJ Kapoor’s character has vanished two weeks ago from the show due to the busy schedule of the actor and the actor’s personal difficulties. New Amsterdam premiered on 25th September 2018 on NBC. In season 4 of the series, Dr. Vijay Kapoor has not been featured as he died in the last episode of the New Amsterdam. Fans really appreciated the role of Dr. VJ in the show and when they got to know that Dr. VJ has passed away fans were devastated by this news.

Is Anupam Kher Character Dead or Reason For Leaving?

In the show, Dr. Kapoor was in a complicated relationship with his son named Rohan which later more disintegrates after the death of Dr. Kapoor’s wife, and then Kapoor became too busy in his career. And VJ successes when he tried to go close to his son Rohan. Recently actor Anupam Kher revealed the reason behind his leaving the show and the reason was the poor health condition of his wife Kirron Kher who is also an actress.

Anupam Kher also showed his gratitude and love toward the show and also wrote a thank you note to his fans on Instagram, Kirron Kher was suffering from multiple myeloma a type of blood cancer which is the reason for the actor’s departure from New Amsterdam. Sam Heughan showed his support for Anupam Kher’s wife. VJ Kapoor was the Head of the Neurology in Medical Center at New Amsterdam and he was a great neurologist his connection with Ella began after Ella listened to Dr. VJ while giving him coffee and later they started spending quality time together. Vj Kapoor’s character has shown as a married man in the series but his wife was not alive in the show.

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