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What Happened To Vanessa Guillen? All About Vanessa Guillen Fiance Juan Cruz & Mother Family


What Happened To Vanessa Guillen? All About Vanessa Guillen Fiance Juan Cruz & Mother Family: In this blog, we are covering all the details of what happened to Vanessa Guillen. Vanessa Guillen (20-years-old) was a young U.S Army officer who was assassinated by a fellow soldier in the Army base. The incident came to the limelight in the month of June 2020 when the remains of the young lady soldier were discovered buried along the Leon River. It was already a broadly discussed topic at that time as the lady was missing for more than 2 months, and no traces of her were located. The criminal of the assassination, Aaron David Robinson, committed suicide prior to the investigating officers could arrest him. Another lady who allegedly assisted Robinson to bury the body of Vanessa was apprehended after undergoing many interrogations. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Vanessa Guillen

What Happened To Vanessa Guillen? Full Story 

The Army Officer, Vanessa Guillen was assassinated by her junior soldier inside Fort Hood which is in Texas. The story begins on 22nd April 2020 when Vanessa suddenly went vanishing from the Army base camp, after she was last watched in the parking lot of the army unit. There were no traces of her in the next 2 months and investigating officers were not capable to find anything linked with her.

Vanessa Guillen Fiance Juan Cruz

In the meanwhile, her family was seriously questioning the army department, and the entire justice system. Vanessa had informed her family that she was being physically assaulted in the unit but she restricted her family to lodge a complaint. She was worried that her family might be in a problem. On 30th June, the remains of Guillen were discovered buried close to the river after some contractors found the parts, which were resurfaced by wildlife.

Vanessa Guillen Family

After the information of her demise, in the middle of the public protest for justice, officers investigated a lady named Cecily Anne Aguilar. Cecily was the girlfriend of Robinson and the suspect had informed her about assassinating a lady in the army camp with the help of a hammer. She even accepted helping the junior soldier to hide the corpse of the 20-year-olf officer. After the arrest warrant against Robinson was released, the man who was on a run from the army camp, assassinated himself with a gunshot. Aguilar was later on apprehended on the same day and was presented in the court for the charge of helping in the serious crime. It was the mother of Vanessa Guillen, Gloria Guillen who did all possible things to make sure that her daughter was served justice.

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