Home News What happened to Tyrese Gibson’s mother Priscilla Murray Gibson?

What happened to Tyrese Gibson’s mother Priscilla Murray Gibson?


What happened to Tyrese Gibson’s mother Priscilla Murray Gibson?: A mother plays an important role in the life of a person in fact mother is the whole world of a child. Mother is like a warrior who safeguards her child from every problem and when a mother comes in with a problem her child comes in trauma and does all possible things to take out from the problem. One such actor is currently worried for his mother and asking his fans for their prayers. Tyrese Gibson recently revealed that his mother, Pricilla Murray, is in the ICU. While disclosing the health condition of his mother, the actor asked his admirers to pray for her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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What happened to Tyrese Gibson’s mother?

Gibson shared the news on Saturday, 5th February 2022 through the Instagram handle in which wrote, “In the middle of shooting and just got the worst phone call I have ever gotten…I just had to ask the director to let me pause for a second close my eyes and pray.” He stated that his mother is in Coma in the ICU with pneumonia and caught Coronavirus.

He further added that she was sedated and could not able to breathe or eat on her own, and whilst he did not post anything earlier, he did so because he felt helpless. The singer also stated that “Pray and even write out the prayers in the comments so that I and my entire family can read and be motivated. I feel helpless and need my prayer warriors to cover my mother please please her father God she is got so much more to do. Amen.”

Several people viewed their support to Tyrese, including popular personalities like Jermaine Dupri and Viola Davis.

Current Health Status Of The Mother Of Tyrese Gibson

Pricilla Murray fell into a coma after suffering from Coronavirus complications. Tyrese Gibson was shooting for a forthcoming project when he get to know the news and asked the director to let him pause for some time so that he could pray for her mother. Gibson also mentioned that the complication of his mother worsened throughout the week.


Admirers and other celebrities viewed their support in the post of the 43-year-old. Though the present health conditions still need to be disclosed and it is not known if she has had any health issues in the past.

The Forthcoming Projects Of Tyrese Gibson

The native of California’s forthcoming project is the superhero movie Morbius. Constructing under the direction of the director Daniel Espinosa, the movie is based on the Marvel Comics character Morbius. Tyrese will play the role of FBI agent Simon Stroud, who is hunting Morbius.

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