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What Happened To Tee Millian? Is rapper Dead or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked


What Happened To Tee Millian? Is rapper Dead or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked: One of the biggest and greatest rappers who was well known and popular in his own time has recently passed away. His name was Tee Millian. He was well-known in the Hip Hop scene, and his songs were noted for their catchy tunes and forceful raps. He has worked with a variety of artists and has recorded many solo albums, including Power Move and Million Dollar Hooks. He intended to work with Lil Flip on new music and albums, but he was unable to do so since he died of a heart attack. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tee Millian

What Happened To Tee Millian?

Many believed that he died because of a heart attack but in reality, he died at a hospital in Houston. His death was declared by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences spokeswoman Tricia Bentley. His sudden demise has shocked the hip-hop community and people were shocked and couldn’t fathom that he had died. Many rappers who knew him closely and some of his friends were now giving heartfelt condolences to him and to his family. Many of his fans and admirers who knew him are now expressing his sad news and sending their tributes to him via social media.

Tee Millian Dead or Alive? 

Tee Millian was known as Million Dollar Hook Man name was frequently featured in releases by others. With this, he is known for his work on Big H.A.W.K. Chillin With My Broad and Lil Flip Why them Hataz Still Mad. He also revealed that he was able to sell 15000 copies of his first album by just word of mouth in Houston and he has helped and offered his talents to new artists.

Tee Millian Death Hoax Debunked

It was reported that he died because of a heart attack and his death news was covered on many social media platforms, especially Twitter. Many of his fans were flooded the internet and sent tributes to him. Some were giving RIP comments to him on his social media account while some were saying. You left from this world but your soul, your songs will always remind us. Hope wherever you go, May your soul rest in peace.


Similarly, one of the big personalities whose name is Steve Campion came on Twitter and said two lines for him. He says, Baby!Baby! I’m not feeling so well, said Houston Rappers Big T. His widow says the musician used his last moments on Earth to wake his family up. She says the warning ultimately saved her and her son’s lives Details on the Million Dollar Hook Man’s Death at 6 PM

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