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What Happened To Shelly Fisher? Jimmy Casino Murder Case Shot And Killed Girlfriend Details


What Happened To Shelly Fisher? Jimmy Casino Murder Case Shot And Killed Girlfriend Details: The assassination case of Jimmy Casino took above than 20 years to be solved. Who assassinated him and why? Jimmy had a 30 years rap sheet and owed the Mafia of Mickey Mouse a load of money. This is stated to be the reason behind the attack on him and his girlfriend on the 1st January 1987. Casino (48-years-old) the culprit of the Mustang Topless Theater in Santa Ana, was assaulted by two armed attackers who were masked. He and his 22-year-old girlfriend had just come up at his Buena Park home. They had left to rest up for the night after attending a film with the son of Casino, Shane. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Shelly Fisher

Jimmy Casino Murder Case: Shot And Killed

For years, the killing of Jimmy Casino was an unsolved cold case. Though after processing DNA, a hit was made. Jimmy born as James Stockwell, he had reinvented himself as Jimmy Casino. The entrepreneur owed a vast debt to lots of people. The case was cold for years. Though, in the year 2008, a person who went by Richard C. Morris Jr. had been apprehended in Hawaii for drunken driving.

Cops took the DNA evidence from him, and it was a good thing they did. After the DNA matched with the proof collected in the Casino murder, he was apprehended in the year 2008 at his house in Oahu. He was held custody in Orange County in link with the shooting. Though out of 2 people, only Morris was caught for the crime that killed Jimmy Casino.

What Happened To Jimmy Casino Girlfriend Shelly Fisher?

Jimmy Casino and his lover, Shelly Fisher, were together when they were assaulted. The attackers carried Casino downstairs after they tied up and physically assaulted his girlfriend. The whole home was torn apart. They broke into the condo and looted credit cards, furs, jewels, and two automobiles. Afterward, they shot the bullet to Casino in his head 3 times.

As per the statement of Shelly, she ran away after being tied up and raped. She somehow manages to call 911 after rushing to the house of the neighbor. After the killing had been called in, Police captured two men after they attempted to use looted credit cards that were Casino’s 50 miles away from the crime scene. Mark Corbett, and Joseph Orozco the two-man, apprehended, had ties with the mob.

They confessed to having tripped upon it in a parking lot. They were released after nothing tied them to the killing of Casino.

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