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What Happened To Seaweed Bacon on Shark Tank? Umaro Foods explored


What Happened To Seaweed Bacon on Shark Tank? Umaro Foods explored: ABC’s Shark Tank USA is one of the longest-running shows that has been going on really well. It is currently running its 13th season and has been welcoming some talented and innovative entrepreneurs across the country. The show has gained huge attention from people, especially those who want to be a businessman. The new episode of Shark Tank USA was recently aired on 01 April 2022 in which another outstanding business idea, Umrao, a vegan bacon-based start-up by Beth Zotter and Amanda Stiles was introduced on the show. In this article, we are going to explore the business idea, Umrao so stays tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Seaweed Bacon on Shark Tank

What Happened To Seaweed Bacon on Shark Tank?

Shark Tank USA has been a long-running show on ABC that has drawn a huge number of entrepreneurs trying their luck by pitching their amazing business ideas. The entrepreneurs come on the show and try to convince the business and start-ups tycoons so that they show their interest in their start-ups and invest money, helping them to take their business on a large scale.

In the recent episode, another new and innovative business idea was introduced on the show called Umrao, a vegan bacon-based start-up by Beth Zotter and Amanda Stiles. Episode 1318 has only featured these two founders of the company, however, there were two associated who have also massively contributed to processing the product. Talking about Umrao, so, it is a revolutionary start-up that makes bacon from seaweed protein. The members of the organization believe that seaweed is a highly supportable form of protein that needs no fertilizer or fresh water and absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide.

As per the website, the company described itself as “A company developing the most sustainable protein source on the planet: ocean-farmed seaweed. Motivated to make a food system that supports a thriving planet and demands the humane treatment of animals.” The four founders of Umaro include:

  • Beth Zotter, CEO:- she is a technology entrepreneur with a background in renewable energy. Ahead of starting Umrao, she was a part of a science-based start-up at Cyclotron Road. She also directed an R&D program at a seaweed biofuels company.
  • Royal Sayewitz, Director of Business Operations:- He is a trained chef. Previously, he was serving at Irving Farm NYC where he managed restaurant and retail operations.
  • Amanda Stiles, CTO:- She is a Ph.D. plant biochemist. She expert in infusing proteins in a variety of food items. She supervised the Research team at Ripple Foods.
  • Tim Arapov, Protein Scientist:- He is a Ph.D. microbiologist. He gained a degree in protein biochemistry and plant-microbe interactions.
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