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What Happened To Sandra Ababio? Amidst ‘Husband Snatching’ Allegations


What Happened To Sandra Ababio? Amidst ‘Husband Snatching’ Allegations: Recently big disclosures are made in an interview as the interview is going viral over social media and also the fans and news seekers hunting the issue to its deepest roots and waiting to know about the true story, this interview is widespread as it is relater to a  marriage lead to the divorce of very popular actors having fans worldwide, as the relation getting problems after a love triangle and the couple ends up separating the actor belong to Kumawood movies industry, related to actor LilWin, his ex-wife Patricia Afriyie and actress Sandra Ababio affair with the married actor, all claims defended in a post after, on a social media platform, let us know all about the story, post and interview disclosed below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sandra Ababio

What Happened To Sandra Ababio?

Recently in an interview, Kumawood actor LillWin’s married life and divorce story are disclosed by his ex-wife Patricia Afriyie disclosing what lead to their divorce in a relationship going well, as the  Kumawood actor LillWin divorced with wife Patricia Afriyie because of his rumors of the affair with actress Sandra Ababio as this is claimed by ex-wife. The whole story is described in brief in an interview on the channel, OhenebaTV by show by Ghanaweb viral, by Patricia Afriyie, explaining further she told even after knowing that the LillWin is married to Patricia Afriyie she kept a secret relationship with him.

Sandra Ababio Amidst ‘Husband Snatching’ Allegations

If she denies that she should swear upon that and Patricia Afriyie will do the arrangements forswear, she also claims that she had seen naked clips and photos of Sandra Ababio on her husband’s phone which he later prohibits her to touch, and she also came to know this from may people about the affair but she denies those claims from people but she believed after the nude photos in his phone when  Patricia Afriyie confronted her husband LilWin to which he replied that she is not up to his level.

Who Is Sandra Ababio?

In reply to this exclusive interview Sandra Ababio being accused of the reason for Kumawood actor LillWin’s divorce with wife Patricia Afriyie, Sandra Ababio shared an emotional small brief post saying everybody has a story of their life journey and she has hers we should not judge people on the bases of rootless claims without knowing the facts behind the situation they are in today.

They should not be trusting every false claim and judging on that basis is wrong. as they have dealt with complicated emotions and avoiding the narrow-minded viewpoint, as it is not appreciated in moral, and sometimes just acceptance is what one can do for such accusations as it is the best to shield for negative vibes. all this is shared by Sandra Ababio on the social media platform Instagram from her official account through a post.

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