Home News What Happened To Samthing Soweto? South African singer Passed Away

What Happened To Samthing Soweto? South African singer Passed Away


What Happened To Samthing Soweto? South African singer Passed Away: Recently a arbitrary news is coming to the surface which is going viral thought the internet world as people want to know about what has happened to their beloved singer in the pictures coming from these sources the singer is looking very weak and skinny completely different from what he used to like as he was a glutton fat lethargic ass a couch potato and now he seems he is ripped and people speculating he is dead, od something stress going in his life, s the pictures came rumors claim that he is no more as the singer named samkelo “Samthing Soweto” mdolomba, has been dead which is not disclosed but all this and details of him being skinny is  below or he is dear, Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Samthing Soweto

What Happened To Samthing Soweto?

the news is related to a famous internet personality who is frequently reported that he is dead but this is found only a rumor, as the fact is disclosed by the singer himself on a social media confrontation where he disclosed the facts and said that he is totally fine and doing great in his life the famous personality reacted to the news is the samkelo “samthing soweto” mdolomba, a world-class personality popular for his works in the  music industry  in which is been for long but him being still young and doing great success in career he is generally known for his singing skills and the variant style of writing lyrics he  has done so far and well celebrated for the songs he is mainly known for,

Samthing Soweto Passed Away

In a recent social media appearance the singer, and writer, Samkelo “Samthing Soweto” Mdolomba, confronted thew hate is being spread about him as he replied to the comments and in a talk in an interview he said he is totally fine and doing great in his life as a dramatic weight is just an adoption of a better lifestyle and a BMI weight is good for health so he loses weight, he was shamed over the internet by haters that he is dead or making fu for his appearance, and some of his lovers said he is looking great in the pictures and motivating him to pursue his fit lifestyle,  this whole conversation is going in the comments section of his social media account, on a picture he shared with a new look, where are people discussing on the sudden weight loss and how he did die?

Samthing Soweto Death Cause

He said that he is doing well just adopting good habits and cleaning out his toxic body filled with toxins from his old habits, he suffered a lot and still going with, many things but there are things he can not talk on publically, but thanked his supporters and lovers, he said all this with a smiling face,  he said he is not sick or going through some sort of stress but he is doing a lifestyle change, though he is going through a lot that is not concerned with his body he is totally fine and thanking his supporters he concluded his comments

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