What Happened To Preethi Manoj? BMW Accident dies at hospital – Death Footage Video Explained: The traffic rules are made for the security of the people but some people break them and put the lives of some people in danger. One such victim lost his life due to the negligence of an automobile driver while driving. An innocent and beautiful soul is lost due to the reckless BMW driver, in a strange accident that had taken place at the time of the afternoon hours of Saturday, 9th of April 2022 on the M G Road close to Ballalbagh junction in the City. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

preethi manoj accident

What Happened To Preethi Manoj?

Remembering the accident, according to the footage captured on a CCTV camera from a closeby office which has gone viral on social media, viewed a speeding car by a reckless driver jumping off the road median and then colliding into 2 cars and 2 two-wheelers moving on the other side, consequently critically wounding a lady named Ms Preethi Manoj (47-years-old) was driving a scooter, and then wounding a 7-year-old Amay Jayadevan who was a commuter in one of the cars.

Preethi Manoj BMW Accident Video

Both the wounded were taken to the private hospital in the City. Call it a miracle, a sole lady standing near the divider run away from being hit by the car. According to the sources disclosed, the BMW car with registration no HR 26 B 9454 was driven by Shravan Kumar (30-years-old) Son of Niranjan M N, an interior decorator who hails from Mannagudda, Mangaluru. Before the arrival of the cops, the furious public is watched dragging him out of the automobile, and later hitting his left and right.

Preethi Manoj Accident Video Leaked

Mangaluru Traffic West cops have registered the case and the driver was in the custody of police for a few days, after which there has been no update on this case. A severe case for the first time in the City under section 308 of IPC was lodged against Sharavan for driving recklessly on a busy road and badly wounding a lady. In further addition to this, cases are charged against him under sections, 279, 337, and 338 IPC.

Unfortunately, from the day of the lethal accident 09th of April until last night Friday 22nd of April Ms. Preethi was battling for her life in the ICU of  A J Hospital until it was declared by the doctors that she is brain dead, and the family members have agreed to fulfill her wish to donate her organs. May God give rest to the departed soul and strength to his family to bear this pain. Stay tuned with getindianews for more news.


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