What Happened To Ninjaboogie? Michael Ross Sacked From SMG As His Mother Death: SMG has shocked all of its fans by terminating one of its players citing something unusual reason. According to the reports, team SMG terminated Ninjaboogie, Michael Ross earlier today. This news surfaced on the internet just a while ago. The SMG shared this shocking news on Twitter. SMG took over its Twitter handle to share this information. Meanwhile, Michael Ross also addressed his fans and followers over his termination from the team. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


What Happened To Ninjaboogie?

What could be the reason for Michael Ross’s termination from the team? People are speculating about his termination and ample theories are evolving right now regarding his termination. If you are desired to learn what is the reason behind his termination then you are advised to stick with this article. In the below-placed sections, we have also mentioned Michael Ross’s net worth and many more. Keep following the article.

A cold war has been started between Michael Ross and his former team SMG over his termination from the team. He wrote, “give a real reason for the kick”. He tweeted this tweet in response to the post posted by SMG. People are taking an interest in this matter. However, Michael Ross has revealed that he already knew for some time that this day would come. Keep reading to learn what the Web star said over his termination from the team.

Michael Ross Sacked From SMG As His Mother Death

Michael Ross revealed his mother’s health condition was not good for the past few days as she was battling cancer and she was at stage four of her disease. Furthermore, he wanted to spend some quality time with her mother during her last days. In order to do this, he asked his team if could change his travel schedule so that he could be with his mom and he also said to the team that he still wanted to play and compete.

But after expressing his intention to his team, SMG conducted a meeting in his absence and announced the team is terminating him owing to his mom’s health potentially affecting his performance. The team said on Twitter that it and Michael Ross had parted ways, the bond had been broken, thanking him for his hard work, devotion, and enthusiasm. Michael Ross’s mother died on Monday. And when we looked at his remunerations and net worth we found that he is holding a net worth of more than $471K.

On Friday team SMG dropped a tweet on Twitter that is giving shocking waves to its fans. Team SMG announced that it and Ninjaboogie have split their ways. The bond between the team SMG and player Michael Ross is no more. The team has kicked the player. After the break out of Michael Ross’s termination news on the internet, people have been perplexed and they are taking over the internet to learn what happened between the team and player.

What went wrong between them? Fans of the team are speculating about this development. However, we are here to make you educated on this topic. We have gathered information from the reports shared by our reliable source. You can rely on this article for every imperative information related to this headline. In the below-placed sections, you get to know what team SMG and Michael Ross said following the development.

Sources reported that Team SMG kicked him out of the team because of an assumption regarding his performance. Yes, you heard it right! Team SMG terminated him because there was a high possibility his performance would affect by the illness of his mother. Team SMG cited the reason behind his unexpected termination that his mother’s illness would affect his stocks in the game.

Team SMG shared this shocking news via Twitter. However, the player Michael Ross replied to the tweet posted by the team in which he said that they should cite the real reason for terminating him. On his Twitter handle Ninjaboogie said, “because my mother was living her last days they thought it would affect my game.” he further added, “but I already knew for past few days that this situation will come”. What happened to his mother? Learn this in the further particular.

According to Michael Ross, his mother had stage four cancer and there was no chance of her getting overcome her disease. Ninjaboogie’s mother died on Monday. He said, “imagine being terminated because you are about to lose a family member.”. The SMG player had expressed his intinctions to alter his travel schedule as he wanted to be with his mother. Michael Ross was supposed to fly from the Philippines on 14 May to join team SMG. He also said the campaign of Team SMG was about to start on 20 May 2022. Stay tuned to this page for more information and updates.


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