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What Happened To Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Son and what was his cause of death?


What Happened To Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Son and what was his cause of death? Miriam Defensor Santiago believed that her son committed suicide just because of bad politics, she often heard blaming politics for her son’s death. This article has been written on Miriam Defensor Santiago and her son’s suicide incident. She was an author, lawyer, judge, and politics who had made her name so famous throughout the Philippines. In 1997 she was among the 100 most powerful women in the world. Netizens are unfolding the details of her cause of death and want to learn every imperative aspect linked to Defensor Santiago. Kindly go through this page till the end and read down every section of this news article in which we have written the outcomes of our research on Miriam Defensor Santiago. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Miriam Defensor Santiago

What Happened To Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Son?

Thanks to her long tenure of political career as she was a famous personality of the Philippines she was the Senator of the Republic of the Philippines and part from being a politician she was also elected as the judge of the International Criminal court. Regardless of her powerful and impactful career, she got some titles from the publ such as Dragon Lady, the Incorruptible Lady, the Iron Lady of Asia, the Platinum Lady, and Omniscient Woman. Let’s take a look at why Miriam Defensor Santiago often said her son passed away due to politics.

Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Son Death Cause

According to the reports, Miriam’s son named Alexander Robert died due to committing suicide in 2003 and he was 22 years of age at the time when he took his own life. It is apparent that his cause of death was suicide but her mom had always put blamed politicians for his death. She claimed that he was massacred by politics and she also added that he often said to me that he abhors politics and would never join it. Alexander was found dead at his province upscale La Vista estate in suburban Quezon city on 20th November and reportedly, to take his own life he shot down himself.

How did Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Son die?

Miriam Defensor Santiago passed away in 2016 on September 29 and she died after living 71 years of her life, it has also come to know that she underwent the treatment of lung cancer at the Medical Center of St. Luke in Taguig. Miriam was married to Narciso “Jun” Santiago Jr. She was blessed with two childer from her marriage. Narciso III (Archie) and (AR) Alexander. The second child of Miriam is still alive and is carrying his mother Miriam’s tradition.

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