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What happened to Mikis Theodorakis? What was Mikis Theodorakis’s cause of death?


There has been a sad demise of Mikis Theodorakis who wrote the score for the film Zorba The Greek which helped his country to have a carefree and sunny image for millions of tourists ahs died at the age of 96. The news was made official on Thursday which swept through the nation and the parliament had a moment of silence for the lost soul.┬áIt has been stated by Lina Mendoni who is the culture Minister, today all of us have lost a part of Greece’s soul, Mikis Theodorakis who was a teacher, an intellect, he was radical has left us all.

Mikis Theodorakis

Mikis Theodorakis’s cause of death

He was a towering man having a brooding look and had wavy hair, he was carrying a Democratic vision which was based upon progressiveness of communism and of the whole world through his music. He faced many political struggles which includes prison time and torture for his views were considered to be leftist which reflected the side of Greece which was never seen by the visitors.

He caught the eyes of the people with his song in the movie “an international hit” which came in the year 1964, it was starring Anthony Quinn who was playing a loveable rogue who was dancing barefoot, after which he kept on making and composing songs and he kept on to win the hearts of the people with his wonderful music.

How did Mikis Theodorakis Die?

There has been no revelation about the reason for his death as of yet, it is being speculated he has died because of natural death but if this is not the case then we will be updating you guys about this, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased.

His tunes started gaining so much attention from the public, he became pretty popular and his songs were spreading like wildfire which was mainly getting the disapproval of the right and was becoming the anthem for the left which means his songs often got banned but that didn’t stop him from making songs.

He was arrested in the year 1974 in the month of July, he was accused of guerrilla sympathies when there was a war between right-wing royalists and left-wing popular forces which happened after World Wat 2.

He was someone who wanted to bring change and he even suffered a lot in the whole process, he is an inspirational musician who believed in what he wrote and composed, he was never scared to say his thoughts out loud and he is always going to be remembered as a legend in the music industry.

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