What Happened To Michael Severance And Where Is Wendi Mae Davidson Now?: There are some cases that leave a mark even after many years have passed. One such murder case is presently covering the headlines of the newspaper. The 2005 murder of Texas Air Force Sergeant Michael Severance looked to be solved when cops detained and charged his wife with grisly death. His wife is presently serving 25 years in jail for reportedly killing him, but she now says she is ready to tell her side of the story via her first-ever jail interview with ABC’s 20/20. Now the case is again in the limelight which increased the interest of the netizens.

Michael Severance

What Happened To Michael Severance?

In the year 2005, Air Force Sergent Michael Severance vanished, leaving behind both his automobile and his cell phone. In an interview with the San Angelo Police Department, his spouse veterinarian Wendi Mae Davidson stated she had last watched Severance on the morning of the 15th of January 2005. She asserted he had been drinking a lot due to the pressure of possibly being deployed again.


He had already served 5 tours in the Middle East and was preparing for his 6th. When Severance did not view up for his assignment, the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (OSI) joined forces with the San Angelo Police to run a renegade probe into his locations. Part of this probe included seizing the computers of Davidson and placing a tracking device on her car, in case she was helping her spouse in deserting.

Michael Severance

Where Is Wendi Mae Davidson Now?

Michael Severance

The investigation on the computers soon disclosed that Davidson had searched the phrase “decomposition of a body in water”. Not only this, the tracker on her car directs cops to check out a remote ranch about 20 miles outside of the town of the couple. This is eventually where they ended up discovering the body of Severance, weighed down by car parts, tires, and cinder blocks in a pond on a ranch about 20 miles outside the town of the couple.

The toxicology report of Severance disclosed that he had been poisoned with animal tranquilizers and was later stabbed around 41 times posthumously. “These were autopsy cuts to permit the release of gases that typically accumulate in decomposing bodies,” stated Eddie Howard, the Tom Green County Justice of the Peace at the time. “Rage is hitting one spot. It is more localized. These were spread out.”

Davidson was detained and asserted that while she had reportedly disposed of the body, including making the precise cuts and taking it to the pond, she had nothing to do with his demise. Instead, she asserted she discovered him already dead in their house.

How To Watch The 20/20 Special On This Case?

The special was telecast at 09:00 PM ET on ABC on Friday, 25th of March 2022. The watchers who missed the episode can watch the special on Youtube TV or Hulu after it telecasts.


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