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What Happened To Lul Tys? Death After Sacramento Shooting CCTV Footage Video Emerges On Twitter


What Happened To Lul Tys? Death After Sacramento Shooting CCTV Footage Video Emerges On Twitter: The man who was on the verge of getting fame and name died tragically in a shooting incident that happened in Sacramento. We are devastated to share the death news of a young man who was known as Lul Tys. Lul Tys was a passionate rapper who was quite famous in his region and neighborhood. But tragically Lul Tys became the victim of the shooting incident. The news of Lul Tys’s death was affirmed by the Citrus Heights Police department. Since the news of Lul Tys’s death surfaced on the internet people are eager to explore the personal detail of the deceased. Social media walls have been flushed with tributing posts that have been posted by netizens following the death of young rapper Lul Tys. Let’s pay him tribute together and explore some information about him in this article. So keep reading and scrolling the page. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Lul Tys

What Happened To Lul Tys?

It is certain the sudden news of the rapper’s demise is a big blow for his friends and family members but that’s the way a cookie crumbles sometimes in life. The fortune seemed to be disappointed with the young rapper as there was no involvement of him in the shooting event but still, he became the victim of the Sacramento shooting event. The respective authorities reported that the danger has been removed and now everyone can feel safe now. Keep reading this column to find more.

Lul Tys Death After Sacramento Shooting CCTV Video

The Citrus Heights Police released a statement to affirm the news of Lul Tys’s demise. Police revealed that Lul Tys was at the scene when the shooting occurred. The shooting event took place across the street at Birdcage Street. On Monday night Citrus Police got a call from an anonymous person who informed the police about the shooting. When police reached the shopping complex in Citrus Heights they found the young boy dead and injured by the bullets.

Who Killed Lul Tys?

Since people have heard about this tragedy they are seeking the personal information of the victim. We are still striving to confirm if Lul Tys was his real name or his stage name. According to his appearance, it can be predicted that he was in his 20s. To pass away at this young age is truly painful. We send heartfelt condolences and thoughts to Lul Tys’s family and wish for his salvation and rest in peace. Stay tuned to this website.


This News has come from the community of those people who love the rapping. While people are in the saddest mood. they do not believe this type of news. Let us discuss the whole matter and I give you whole information about this news.  Lul Tys is a very talented and popular rapper in local areas. He was 20 years old. He belonged to a poor family.his rap songs and singing style inspire an audience. Now he was dead. we will discuss this in the next paragraph in this we discuss his personal life.

At this young age he inspires by another rapper when he saw a rapper on the TV he decided his future are in this line. In starting he sings the song Alone on the roof of a house but he thinks this is not enough. He will write and sing a song in a rapping style. Firstly he sings and her friend advised him to open a Youtube channel and record his video song and after upload it on the Youtube. when he uploaded to his youtube channel day by day his songs went viral and the audience liked his rapping style.

Latest his song video gets 98k views which he upload twelve days later. After he creates an account on other social media like Instagram. he made reels and his reels also went viral. he gets 37k followers on Instagram. He will become a Rising Star. Especially he becomes popular in the community of Youngsters and in females also. At local functions, the organizer invited him for doing his performance and in some streets, he shows his talent to people.

Lul Tys was dead due to the shooting and gun fires occurring in the marketplace on Birdcage Street. Monday late Night this incident happened. police reached out and investigated all of the matter. They take statements from witnesses and search CCTV footage for finding the shooter.

Lul Tys Net Worth

His Net worth is not disclosed by anyone but according to our sources, he is worth 20k in each song. we are not sure about his net worth. After hearing this heart-melt news the society people give his tribute and the family members of TYs do not believe this and they are in trauma. society public loses their temper and they raise their voices against the mayor and government. May her soul rest in peace.

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