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What Happened To Katherine Chappell? Game Of Thrones Editor Killed By Lion Video Explained!


There has been a sad case of a person dying as he got attacked and got killed by a Lion in South Africa and it seems like she is getting tributes from the family as they state, she was one of a kind, very adventurous, pretty brilliant and was a high-spirited woman, she was the editor of Game Of Thrones and this has been getting shared on Reddit.

Katherine Chappell Lion Video

Katherine Chappell Lion Video

It has been stated Katherine Chappell who is loved by everyone in her surroundings, shared her love which she has for life with the people she met, father Jon, her mom Mary and siblings by the name of Lauren, Jennifer and Ryan have stated in a post which they have posted on Facebook. She was known by the name of Katie, she was at the age of 29 and she is going to be mounted at a memorial service which is going to take place in her hometown which is Rye in New York on Saturday. She has been living in the city Vancouver which is in Canada since the year 2013, she was working as a visual effects editor.

Game Of Thrones Editor Killed By Lion Video Reddit

At the time she was working at the Scanline production company, she was the reason behind the created effects which we saw in the historical show ‘Game of Thrones’ and when we talk about the movie ‘Captain America: the winter soldier, she was also the part of ‘Divergence’, she has also spent time as an intern at MSNBC in the spring and winter of the year 2008.

It has been stated by the family, they cannot state how honored they are feeling as everyone is providing a tribute to their family member, they thanked everyone for the kind messaged everyone is sending them all over the globe providing them with strength in these difficult times. She was killed on Monday as a Lioness approached her from the side of the passenger and she but the lady through the window which has been stated by Scott Simpson who is the assistant operations manager at Lion Park which is an open-air facility which is North of Johannesburg.

It has been told by the officials, windows were down at the time and it has been further stated there have been numerous signs of warning in order to keep them up. The lioness is going to remove a solitary pen but she is not going to be put down, he stated the park is safe if the people are going to be following rules. The driver at the time with Katherine has also been hospitalized as he has sustained some arm injuries as he was fighting the Lion to try to save the life of the passenger.

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