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What Happened To Kabaddi Adda on Shark Tank India?


What Happened To Kabaddi Adda on Shark Tank India?: Shark Tank India has become one of the most talked-about shows in the nation. The show is getting much attention from the viewers. People have been following it ever since its first episode was aired. On the show, we have seen that there were many new startups were introduced by the contestants and the Sharks decided to invest in their businesses. All the Sharks have become a household name after this show. The Sharks or Investors of the show are highly popular and successful businessmen. Recently, the first sports-based startup was introduced by four entrepreneurs called Kabbadi Adda. Here, we have brought the details of the startup and what happened with it on the show. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kabaddi Adda Shark Tank India

Kabaddi Adda Shark Tank India

The first sports-based startup called Kabaddi Adda was introduced in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 30. It is a live Kabaddi News and Auction platform. The founder of the start-up demanded 80 lakhs rupees in investment for a 1% share of his company in Shark Tank India. As we all know Kabaddi is a very old game of India which is mostly played in every village area. The game is very popular among school students. People used to play Kabaddi during their school time.


The game Kabaddi is being played like a national sport in India. Everyone has heard about Pro Kabaddi League that happens in India every year. Similarly, Kabbadi Adda is a Kabbadi News, Auction platform, Live scores that appeared in Shark Tank India. Kabaddi Adda is a website in which you will get the chance of watching Kabaddi matches every day and it also provides the facility to watch videos live, along with the latest and exclusive news. On this website, you can see Kabaddi matches every day and also all the updates about the players of every state of India.

The founders of Kabaddi Adda are Arvind Shivdas and Suhail Chandhok. Both of them made this startup together and have done hard work a lot to make it successful. Before coming to Shark Tank India, they were doing great in their business. To make it more successful, they decided to come to this show as each thing needs money to progress it. On the show, the founders asked 80 lakhs’ investment for 1% share of his organization in Shark Tank India. However, one of the investors finalized the deal at 80 lakhs for 6% of his organization in Shark Tank India. Stay tuned with us for more information about this article.

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