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What Happened To Jimin BTS? Surgery and Health Condition Update!


What Happened To Jimin BTS? Surgery and Health Condition Update!: Bangtan Boys are well known all over the world, a band team of boys from South Korea, also knowns as BTS. They are seven band members, including  Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Their fans are huge than any other music band in the world, it is not wrong to say that BTS is the world’s most famous band. We are here to update you about the condition of Park Ji-min, also known as Jimin. He performs as a singer and dances in a band. The web is scattering a piece of news that Jimin is not well. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jimin BTS

What Happened To Jimin BTS?

A hashtag on Twitter is trendiest these days “Get Well Soon Jimin”, you are aware enough about this but many of you are not aware of what exactly happened to Jimin, and why this hashtag is making around on the web. Here in the article below, you get to know the reason behind the trendiest hashtag for Jimin.

Why hashtag “Get Well Soon Jimin” is trending? What happened to Jimin?

He went through a sudden surgery, as he had been diagnosed with acute appendicitis. Hence now he needs time to recover properly and his fans are now sharing their concern to him by taking over to their social media accounts and posting stories, comments, and posts for his fast recovery.

As per the reports, his managing company reveals that he experienced immediate pain in his abdomen. After which he went for the checkups and he has been told that there is acute appendicitis.

Statement by Jimin’s band’s managing company:-

“Jimin was in pain in his abdomen, which was experienced by him on January 30th in the afternoon. For his, thorough examination, he visited the hospital emergency, and there he also took his PCR Test. His PCR are tested positive and also diagnosed with acute appendicitis. On January 31st he went to the sudden surgery following the advice of his physician.”

BTS’ Jimin’s surgery and health update:-

As per the confined sources, his health update is all here. A statement from his managing team, reads, “After the procedure of Jimin’s surgery, she is doing well and his health is stable. Currently, he is suffering from a mild sore throat, but his recovery is speedy. As it at the infectious stage hence is not in front to front connection with his nad members.”

Everyone on the web is wishing for his speedy recovery and his fans are taking over to Twitter to wish him better health.

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