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What Happened To Israel Oxley From Maryland? 15-Year-Old Murders His Mother Taledia Oxley and Brother Asa Oxley


What Happened To Israel Oxley From Maryland? 15-Year-Old Murders His Mother Taledia Oxley and Brother Asa Oxley: According to the police, Israel Oxley was shot and killed by his mother and his brother. Sources say that a 15-year-old kid was arrested and reportedly shooting and killing his mother with an 8-year-old sibling in Prince George’s County. He also shot his father but the father survived. Authorities confirm the statement that the whole incident occurred in the 8500 block of Wendy Street in Clinton. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Israel Oxley

What Happened To Israel Oxley From Maryland?

Oxley’s son’s name is Israel Oxley. According to the Oxley Statement, he attends Frederick Douglass High School. First and second-degree attempted murder and additional accusations have been filed against him.  A neighbor named Myra Marquez says it simply goes to show that you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. At first, they were very kind who like to keep things themselves. They said nothing much to you. It’s simply terrible that this happened because the kids were not boisterous while roaming around the neighborhood. We understand that they have a challenging journey ahead of them. Marquez stated. Cops are still investigating for the 15 years alleged old violence against his own family.


 Who is Israel Oxley Mother Taledia?

Maryland shot by his own son is speaking out from his hospital bed. Currently, the 15-year-old shooter is in custody as per the Prince George’s County Police, when she killed his mother and brother in their own house. Sierra Fox spoke with the suspect’s father, James Oxley when she was released from surgery. Mr. Oxley claims that his kid shot him in the forearm and right side of the stomach twice. He is a preacher, a real estate agent, and a United States Army Reserve member. When the kid goes to the door, he suddenly contacted 911 and tried to save his wife who is around 44-year old Taledia Oxley, and also the son who is around 8 years old Asa Oxley but unfortunately, they didn’t survive and left this world.

Who is Israel Oxley From Maryland?

His age does not reveal in the public and does not available on Wikipedia. But somehow we collected the data from our sources and they say that a 15-year-old child has been accused of murdering his mother and brother. He was trying to plan the murder of his father but he fails for attempting the murder and now the cops are finding out the whole matter about what exactly has happened. Follow this site to get more updates.

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