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What Happened To Hasan Suleman and what was his cause of death? East Williston School Student Killed In Car Accident


What Happened To Hasan Suleman and what was his cause of death? East Williston School Student Killed In Car Accident: A fatal car accident has happened in Glen Cove Road in which a high school student lost his life. Yes, you read it right that a high school boy named Hasan Suleman was killed in a deadly car crash. This news has been making the headlines everywhere. It has left everyone shocked, especially his parents and other known ones. Since the news of the incident and the boy’s death came out, the netizens and other people are very saddened as a young soul left the world so soon. Do many people want to know what exactly happened to Hasan Suleman in the fatal car accident? In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the accident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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What Happened To Hasan Suleman?

Hasan Suleman was a high school boy who was a very bright and intelligent student. He was studying in the East Williston Schol District in the 12 standards. Recently, the news of his tragic accident has left shocked everyone. The incident took place on 09 March 2022. Following the accident, the officers were informed immediately. The police have started the investigation immediately. The parents of the boy are in a state of shock and are unable to accept the fact that he is no more in this world.

Who was Hasan Suleman?

As per the reports, the car crash in which Hasan Suleman was killed happened into a Nassau Inter-County htbus at IU Willets Road in Old Westbury at around 03:30 pm on 09 March 2022. He was driving in the car alone towards north on Glen Cove Road and his vehicle bumped into the bus. During the accident, there were no passengers on the bus, while the bus driver sustained injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Although, the driver of the bus is still alive. He is in stable condition. We hope that he will be fine soon.

Hasan Suleman Death In Car Accident

Hasan Suleman has left his family at a young age. He passed away in a fatal car crash on 09 March 2022. His family is going through a tough time at this time. His exact date of birth is yet to be revealed on the internet. On the internet, many people have been paying tribute to his family and friends. His family needs our concern and peace at this time. Our heartiest condolences to his family and dear ones. He died in a car accident on 09 March 2022 at a young age. May his soul Rest In Peace.

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