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What Happened To Gideon Yapp? Video of High School Student Goes Viral on Social Media


What Happened To Gideon Yapp? Video of High School Student Goes Viral on Social Media: On social media, the news has been circulating the internet that Gideon Yapp has verbally abused his teacher in front of the other students. Gideon was just a high school student. He used the N-word to describe his instructor. He insulted his physical instructor on May 25, 2017.  The high students who go to school to learn some ethics and lessons to become a good people in the society. But in Gideon’s case it was the opposite. We don’t know whether he did it intentionally or insulted his teacher to show the others that he was superior to his teacher. It doesn’t know. Some say that his instructor scolded him for his mistake but the student can’t hold his anger anymore and he scolded his instructor in front of everyone. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Gideon Yapp

What Happened To Gideon Yapp?

During this incident, a random person recorded the whole video and upload it on the internet. When he uploaded it, many response were come from all over the internet. And says that whatever the student did to his instructor, was wrong. He needs to apologize for that. And if he doesn’t apologize, then he has to go to prison. The video has disappointed many people including the teachers.

Gideon Yapp Video Explained

You can find the video on Reddit or on Twitter. If you don’t find it, then there are many platforms on which the video was available. You just have to search it. Already many viewers were disappointed with his bad behavior. So, if you don’t want to spoil your mood then don’t watch the video.

Gideon Yapp Parents?

Gideon Yapp is based in California. He grew and raised up with his parents in Lancaster. His parents were named Robert and Karina Yapp. He spent good times with his parents. They have a lot of fun whenever they go on vacation or go on a trip. Talking about the incident, so Gideon’s Parents wasn’t aware of it. They don’t release a public statement about the incident. On the other hand, his parents received tons and tons of abuse from their child which he did it with his instructor.

Gideon Yapp Instagram

Talking about his social media life, so he doesn’t make his account on any platform. Whether we talking about Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, he wasn’t active on any platform. In the future, many say that he will not come on social media.

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