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What Happened to Fetty Wap’s Eye? How the Rapper Lost His Left Eye Accident Revisited!


The rapper from Fetty Wap’s is in the headlines after his accident. He has an eye injury which made him viral on social media. This happened to him while he was performing on tej stage of the Rolling Loud Festival. The crowd went wild while he is performing and they use to hit him unintentionally which makes him got injured. He was educating his performance to his daughter who had been passed away.

Fetty Wap

What Happened to Fetty Wap’s Eye?

Whereas the death reason of his daughter didn’t reveal yet. He is in huge grief as his daughter’s death is the biggest loss for him. He used to love her a lot and called her his lifeline. But after her death, he is shaken and still uses to miss his daughter so much. So that he dedicated his performance to Lauren Maxwell.

Fetty Waps’s Eye Accident Explained here:-

There are lots of claims made by the people about the eye injury of the rapper. Some are claiming that he met an accident and there are lots of different theories on this. Then he uses to come forward and in one of his interviews reveals large truth behind his eye injury.

He reveals that he got into an accident with his childhood friend and that time he got his eye injured. He has given a statement in which he has been revealed that “When I was a kid, I faced an accident in which I lose my eye. And doctors gave me congenital glaucoma in my eyes. Doctors save my one eye and I was blessed to have a vision of my one eye. And that’s all about the story.”

Fetty Waps’s Living with one eye:-

Fatty wap said that I was the format one in the rapping industry with one eye. But for me, it is comfortable to come in front of people. It is normal for me and now this is the pat of my life.

He further added that “people use to judge me a lot but who cares, but this reaction can be controlled by yourself as to how you use to react to the people. Well, let me tell you that I don’t care at all.”

He also told that he had been given a prosthetic eye while he was a teenager.

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