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What Happened To Elliana Walmsley and Did Brother Luke Walmsley Sexually Assualt Her, why is she in the hospital?


What Happened To Elliana Walmsley and Did Brother Luke Walmsley Sexually Assualt Her, why is she in the hospital?: Can you imagine a brother can sexually assault her own sister? Brothers are always overprotective towards their sisters but one sister has currently accused her brother of sexually assaulting her. As per the latest report, popular dancer Elliana Walmsley aged 14 years old blamed her brother Luke Walmsley for assaulting her? Is true she was sexually harassed by her brother? Read this entire blog, from its start to end to get to know about the case and what exactly happened to her. Elliana Walmsley is an American dancer. She first came under the limelight after winning the title of Miss Petite Dance America in the year 2015. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Elliana Walmsley

What Happened To Elliana Walmsley?

After that, she gained fame after she comes up in life time’s reality shows Dance Moms in the year 2016. Furthermore, there was a rumor in the past that Elliana was blamed by her mother “Yolanda”. Her mother blamed her ever since the mother-daughter duo was on Dance Moms. In addition to this, she is also a social influencer, rising TikTok star, and vlogger.

Did Brother Luke Walmsley Sexually Assualt Her?

Ellian Walmsley was harassed by her Brother Luke Walmsley as per her youtube video. Though she has not exactly said what was done to her for some legal reason yes, she did confirm she was sexually assaulted ever since was just 5 years old. She also added that if it continues she may have to expose him. It all began when her brother began uploading videos of their mother blaming them. Elliana did the same but she defend her mother and blamed her own brother Luke instead. Furthermore, she even defended her mother on the TikTok videos of Luke by saying that whatever he stated was a big lie.

After that, Luke reminded her of their mother beating her and he had to hold the hand of their mother. Elliana continued accusing her brother and also mentioned that he has been in prison many times.

Elliana Walmsley Age

The age of Elliana Walmsley is presently 14 years old. She was born to Yolanda and Kevin Walmsley in the year 2007, in Colorado. She was born on 23rd June. Furthermore, she also has two older brothers named Luke and Jacob. She has been dancing ever since she was 18 months old. When she was nine years old, she was one of the most flexible and talented dancers in America.

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