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What happened to Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Lyme? What was the Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Lyme cause of Death?


There has been a shocking death that took place on Saturday as it turned out to be the day of the death of the artist and a socialite naming Elisabeth Kiseselstein Cord Hamm, this has been stated by the media. The exact reason for her death is still unknown but what we are sure about is that it has got something to do with her Lyme disease, if there is going to be any further statement about the cause of death, we will definitely hear it with you guys.

Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Lyme Disease

Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Lyme Disease

She died at the age of 41 on Saturday, it has also been stated by her father, she was suffering from the disease for about a decade now and finally, she lost the battle and it has to be said, it was a hard-fought battle as she has been living with it for a complete decade. It has been further stated by her father, Lume never leaves once it gets to you, it is going to be appearing in one form or the other, it is a miserable and insidious disease, he further stated she has gone through various treatments over the years but it still kept on appearing as it was manifesting itself in countless ways.

Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Lyme cause of Death

but what matters is that the person has fought really hard and she continued on to work in the industry even though she was suffering from such a dubious disease but her smile never let anyone know about the story behind the curtains. He further stated, their whole extended family is just disappointed in every way, she was their daughter and was one of the most caring people they have ever known in their life, one of the brightest, pretty talented, and one of the proudest New Yorkers, the loss is really hard for them, he ended by saying the family is preparing as to create a memorial park in her name.

She was married and she had no children or siblings, her mother is a socialite and an artist naming Cece Kiseselstein Cord. She has been in the scene since 2001, she was seen too often in movie premieres, fashion events, and art events. It seems like she was loved by so many people and it is just unfair that she faced death so early in her life and has left the world behind as he had so many years ahead of her, she must have had so much admiration and what not. Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased.

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