What Happened To Drew Brees? Faced Career Changing Pro Bowl Injury: Drew Bress once had met an injury that changed his career, he is an American former quarterback who played for New Orleans Saints in the NFL. He also holds the record of second-highest career pass completion percentage in the National Football League along with the record of most consecutive matches with a touchdown. He was one of the main factors who played a vital role in leading his team in five playoffs. Saints also won its first title of Super Bowl with the presence of Drew Bress in the squad. But his fortune decided something else for him as he met a career-changing injury and had to quit his athletic career undesirably. Read the below sections to learn more about him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Drew Brees

What Happened To Drew Brees?

Drew Bress has recently retired and now he is an analyst for NBC. Drew joined NBC in 2021 and first, he became part of Sunday Night Football on NBC and currently acting as an analyst. It was made known to the public in March 2021 that Drew is becoming part of NBC Sports as an analyst in America for Football Night. NBC also said that he will also be seen in other mega-events such as  Super Boel LVI and Olympics. There are many speculations are being made on his deal with the channel however we have got to know that channel is giving impressive numbers of remunerations to Drew that could be more than 6 million USD.

Drew Brees Injury Explained

If we look at his net worth it is quite impressive, moreover, Forbes reported that Drew Bress has earned approximately 247 million USD from his illustrious career. But his NFL career was full of severe injuries as result he was not able to play against 49ers San Fransico on 15th November 2020 due to his rib injury. Later medical reports revealed that Drew’s 11 ribs were cracked and his lung was collapsed but these are those that were made known to the public. As per the posts by his wife, same year Drew also suffered major shoulder and foot injuries.

The future Hall of Famer retired from his athletic career on 11th June 2021 he took this decision because of his severe injuries and increasing age. Currently, he is 43 years of age and it would be tough for him to play at this age. The former quarterback married his wife named Brittanny. Stay connected with us for more such news on this page.


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