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What Happened To Danny Zzzz? America’s Got Talent: Extreme Death Hoax Debunked


What Happened To Danny Zzzz? America’s Got Talent: Extreme Death Hoax Debunked Social media platforms have been struck with the news of Danny Zzzz’s death and from the same point in time the life of his fans and close people have been turmoiled. He was a famous magician who got nationwide recognition because of his hard work, determination, and magical skills. He was working in this field for years but sudden news of his demis have devastated his fans and followers and all have been perplexed with the reason behind his death as many theories are being developed on social media about his death cause but we will give to the point and authentic information regarding this topic so follow this article till the last to find out regarding this topic. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Danny Zzzz

Who Is Danny Zzzz?

No one can ever think how much he worked hard for getting famous and to become a renowned magician and he was a very skilled person who could amaze anyone with his tricks and magic skills. He was a prominent hypnotist, illusionist, and, mentalist and he managed to impress the judges of America’s Got Talent show with his skills. Keep reading to learn more about him and his cause of death in the following paragraphs.

Danny Zzzz: America’s Got Talent: Extreme

Danny Zzzz was the stage name of the aforementioned person, his real name was Daniel Paulin who is widely famous for his magical skills and talent. According to the reports we have got to know that he stepped into this field at the age of 14 years and by the end of his teenage period he became the renowned magician. Everyone who has met him and seen him doing the magic tricks has admired his determination and capabilities of magic. Throughout his career, he assisted many people to overcome their fear and adversity. Keep reading the article to know his cause of death.

Danny Zzzz: Age, Real Name, and Instagram

Since the news of his demise struck on the internet people are mourning and eager to know the reason for his untimely death. For now, we have only got to learn about his death news, and more updates on his death cause and obituary are yet to come out, the close persons and family members are going through a tough phase right now and as they open up about the cause of death we will replace you with the updated information of his cause of death. Keep visiting our web page for updates and read other trending news.

Danny zzz also known as Daniel Paulin has stopped many people’s hearts in the America’s Got Talent Show. In the show, he performed a stunt which everyone was shocked. Daniel Paulin is an internationally recognized magician. His living comes from performing the magic show. Sometimes he does magic which are beyond his limits. He has taken a part in the AGT Extreme and blew people’s minds.

The audience was worried about him and the judges already called the ambulance if something mishappening happens. Many users and viewers were worried about him.

What exactly happened to Daniel Paulin?

Fortunately, nothing has happened wrongly. And he is alive. In the American Got Talent show, it was Daniel’s Turn and he has to perform something new in front of judges which they take him to the next round.

The stunt which he performed was. He was captured in the box which was 140ft above the ground and the crane will holding the box. He got 60 seconds to free himself. If he came out of the box within 60 seconds then the stunt was successful but if he did not come out from the box within 60 seconds then the crane will drop the box and be smashed to the ground. This will worry about the people.

After a couple of minutes, when the stunt was performed, he was hanging in the crane and only one word came out from the audience’s mouth. That was Woo!!!!. Amazing. Everybody was clapping to his awe-struck performance. Judges were also stunned and they decided to take him to the next round.

But this does not happen in everybody’s case. Some people who been doing this for over a decade and some who were experts. They can do this. An amateur cannot do. Maybe he lost his life. According to reports, a person whose name is Jonathan Goodwin was injured while doing a magic stunt. He suffers himself. He was wearing a straitjacket and dangling from his feet 40 feet in the air. The two automobiles swung back and forth on either side of him, he struggled to release himself.

However, he became trapped between them and a planted device detonated. He fell and missed to take the airbag and landed on his head. He got many injuries in the head and now he was out of danger and finally released from the hospital on February 20 after spending four months in recovery.

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