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What Happened To Christopher Leroy Broad Jr? 16-year-old was shot and killed in Belleview


What Happened To Christopher Leroy Broad Jr? 16-year-old was shot and killed in Belleview: Earlier this week a horrifying incident happened with Christopher Leroy Broad Jr in which he handed off his precious life. A few days back he became a part of a nonsense bulletproof vest test that went wrong and tragedy happened to him. According to the sources, he died due to gunshots. This news shocked his family and other people who were known to him. Now we have come up with this blog, we have prepared this article after digging deep on the web regarding this subject. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Christopher Broad Jr

What Happened To Christopher Leroy Broad Jr?

As it has been a couple of days since this tragedy happened with the victim it has gone viral on social media. Now people are eager to learn what actually happened at that moment when he was shot to death. Apart from this two boys also have been arrested in this matter. You will also get to read about them in the below-placed sections. Continue reading this story till the end.

According to the police, the victim is identified as Christopher Leroy Broad Jr as mentioned. The victim was just 16 years of age at the time of the incident. This tragedy took place at a mobile home park when Christopher took part in a bizarre testing trail of the bulletproof vest. According to the reports, the victim and his friend fired at each other with fatal weapons to check the bulletproof vest. But one shot aimed outside the guard and killed Christopher Broad.

Christopher Leroy Broad Jr shot and killed

On the 7th of April 2022 Thursday, police confirmed the news that cops have taken two boys into custody who triggered the gun on Christopher. The arrested boys are identified as Colton Whitler, and Joshua Vining, both are minors and 17 years of age. The minors have been charged with the aggravated killing of a young boy with a firearm. Keep reading this article to get more detail about this tragedy.

This incident took place on 3rd April 2022. Around 7 PM the officers of Belleview Police Department got to know about this incident through a call. As per the record, the shooter performed CPR after shooting Christopher but the victim could not sustain the pressure of the gunshot and died at HCA Florida Ocala Hospital. Initially, the suspects tied to mislead the incident by informing the officers that an unknown person had shot at Christopher and killed him But later after examining the circumstances of the incident police found that Christopher’s friends are the suspected shooters who killed him.

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