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What Happened To Brianna Lopez and Geschichte Fall Video Explained


What Happened To Brianna Lopez and Geschichte Fall Video Explained: In the year 2002, the bone-chilling murder case of Brianna Lopez hit the headlines of the newspapers. The people were left with shock and rage to know what the infant has to suffer. Briana was born as Brianna Mariah Lopez on 14th February 2002, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to her father, Andy Walters, and mother, Stephanie Lopez. The family lived in a mobile home, alongside Andy’s mother, Patricia Walters, and the twin brother of Stephanie, Steven Lopez. Apart from this, the 5-month old infant Brianna Stephanie and Andy have a son, who was just 18-month old in the year 2002. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brianna Lopez

What Happened To Brianna Lopez?

Talking about the murder case of an infant, it is one of the most disheartening, horrifying, and disturbing cases of child abuse to be recorded in the history of America. Now again the murder case is in the limelight as the netizens are looking to know whether the murder case of Brianna Lopes was documented on Wikipedia or not? Let’s find out together.

Is Brianna Lopez Murder Case Available On Wikipedia?

No, the murder case of Brianna Lopez is not present on Wikipedia. Though the case got national attention back in the year 2002 and still people are talking about it. Parents usually dream of viewing their infant walking or want to listen to their first word come out of their mouth. The happiest moment of hearing a baby babbling dada and mama, we presumed to be one of the most precious moments parents can feel.

Though Brianna never got the chance to experience those things with her family as she did not live long to take her first baby step. Neither she was able to say her first word. All of these happy moments were snatched from her by her own family.

On 19th July 2002, her mother Stephanie, dialed 911, asserting her 5-month old daughter was not responding. When the help came up, they immediately rushed the infant to the hospital, and in the spite of the effort to save her, she was briefly announced dead. After her demise, the result of the autopsy disclosed the truth when it got to know about the dreadful beating the 5 month-old experienced.

It was disclosed that the infant passed away due to cerebral wounds. The was case was ruled as manslaughter, and all 3, father Andy, uncle, Steven, and mother Stephanie were sentenced to the horrific crime.

Brianna Lopez Geschichte Pictures 

Talking about Brianna Lopez Geschichte, she was born on 14th February 2002 in New Mexico. On 19th July 2002 when she was just 5 months old, she has died due to constant child abuse. On the day prior to her demise on 18th July her mother Stephanie Lopez, uncle, Steven, and father, Andy Walters was drinking. As asserted by the mother, she went to her bedroom after a few drinks while Steven and Any continued drinking.

As per the investigation, those 2 tossed the 5-month-old baby up in the air, letting her smash her head in the ceiling, and then dropped to the ground.

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