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What Happened Between Peter Dutton and Friendlyjordies? Allegations and Youtube Videos Explained


What Happened Between Peter Dutton and Friendlyjordies? Allegations and Youtube Videos Explained: Friendlyjordies has put some serious allegations on Australian defense minister Petter Dutton. Recently, Friendlyjordies has taken over his Youtube channel to accuse him of misusing his rank. Petter is one of the top rank ministers in Australia who also showed his concern over the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine for which he got appreciation and also got the support of the people to take some serious actions on Russia. Kindly read down the sections of this article that have been placed downward on this page. So be sticky with this article to explore this hot topic of social media. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Peter Dutton

What Happened Between Peter Dutton and Friendlyjordies?

Friendlyjordies is the stage name of Jordan Shanks Markovina who is a political commentator and comedian who runs his Youtube channel with the title Friendlyjordies. He usually makes videos on the political issues of Australia. He is doing the same since 2013 when he created his Youtube account which has now been subscribed by more than half a million subscribers. Throughout his Youtube career, he has taken interviews of many famous politicians of Australia such as Bill Shorten, Kristina Keneally, Jodi McKay, and the most highlighted name in the list is Kevin Rudd who is the former prime minister. There are more renowned names on the list that have been interviewed by Jordan.

Peter Dutton and Friendlyjordies Allegations

Recently, the aforementioned YouTuber has levied allegations on the Australian defense minister that his party might be making policies inclined to the businessman who is donating a big amount to the liberal party. According to his youtube video, Peter and his friend are helping the companies to extract the money of the people. However, Petter has not addressed this issue yet and he is yet to give his comments on the allegations levied on him by Friendlyjordies.

The video in which Friendlyjordies accused the defense minister has been watched by more than 30K people and this video has gained thousands of comments. It is seeming that people are believing in the allegations made by the YouTuber on the defense minister. While some are also demanding an investigation to check the accountability of the defense minister so that reality can come out. But as of yet, neither investigation has been started on the same issue nor Petter Dutton has given statements on the allegations made over the policies that have been made by his party. Keep visiting our web page for further information.

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