What Happened Between Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson? Assault allegations Twitter Reacts: As per the latest report, The Philippine National Police (PNP) stated it is now in the process of preparing proof for the possible filing of criminal charges against Kapamilya star Kit Thompson, who was detained Friday for assaulting his girlfriend, actress Ana Jalandoni. The apprehend result after the sufferer whose name was withheld by the cops, called up some pals to be rescued from the hands of “Keith”, seemingly referring to Thompson. The pair were staying at the hotel in Tagaytay City. As per the report from Tagaytay Police, it got a 911 emergency call that Jaladoni had called up some pals stating that she required rescuing after being illegally detained by her beau inside their rented hotel room. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson

What Happened Between Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson?

Thereafter, the sufferer was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment due to bruises she sustained reportedly from the hands of the actor. The PNP stated it will continue to “monitor the condition of the woman sufferer after the rescue operation.” It is not instantly known if the actor is still in custody or if he paid for his temporary liberty.

Based on the beginning probe, the police stated Jalandoni asserted that she had a misunderstanding with Thompson, which was direct to the physical violence. Tagaytay police stated in a report that “Reportedly, the suspect assaulted and punched the sufferer on different parts of the body.”

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson Assault allegations

Ana Jalandoni has stressed that one does not harm a person they love following the apprehend of her beau, actor Kit Thompson, who is accused of wounding and detaining her. The actress expressed her sentiment on the alleged assault while viewing pictures of herself and prior to and after the incident on her Facebook and Instagram pages yesterday, 18th of March 2022.

She stated that “When you love someone, you will never ever harm them. Did you really love them? This is me saying, you all should be careful out there.” Jalandoni then thanked those who checked up on her adding that she would be issued a statement soon. The management of Thompson, Cornerstone Entertainment, issued a statement about the incident on its IG page yesterday, 18th of March.

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson Twitter Reacts

This comes after their initial statement urging the public to “be mindful of casting judgment based on unfounded reported being making rounds on the web.” It stated that “The Cornerstone Management does not condone any act of violence and profoundly values the dignity of ladies. We take this chance to clarify that our earlier statement was released with no knowledge of any particular information as we were in receipt only of general accusations. Neither were we privy to any pictures of the incident.”


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