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What Does Bias Mean In K-Pop? Explained


What Does Bias Mean In K-Pop? Explained: As we all know the craze for Korean music, movies, and dramas among people these days. The Hallyu wave has extended in popularity significantly over the years and as a result, the K-pop fan base has grown, especially in the past few years when many people have become captivated by Korean music, movies, and drama. The pandemic also offered people several opportunities to binge-watch K-content. There is a huge fan following for Koran content around the world. Recently, a question was raised, what does bias mean in K-pop? In this article, you will get the answer to your question so read this carefully. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

What Does Bias Mean In K-Pop

What Does Bias Mean In K-Pop?

Asking about the bias of someone is a common conversation starter among admirers. One is required to be aware of their bias when you are following a particular Korean pop group. The term “Bias” in K-pop, aka K-pop Bias, refers to your favorite idols within a group. Bias is the first one who started to notice when they initially began following the group, the group member with the most prominent personality or any person whose vocals or the abilities to dance captivate you.

How many K-pop biases one can have?

On the other hand, some people also claimed that Individuals can have only one bias for each group because having a bias means being loyal to a particular idol. Although, this is also impressionistic, as one can have an interpersonal relation to many idols. It is directed as a bias list, which is a list of all your biases from all the groups you stan.



As a result, one can keep multiple biases. This leads to a different type of bias known as OT7, which refers to fans who like all seven members equally and cannot choose a favorite among a group of seven. The term OT7 means One True 7. Likewise, the terms OT4 and OT5 will be described in groups of 4 and 5 members respectively. Along with this are terms like bias wrecker, ultimate and ultimate wrecker and it becomes even more interesting for fans to recognize it. If we will get more information related to this topic, we will let you know for sure. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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