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What Did The 2 Johnnies Say? Sexist Comments As They Promote Their RTE 2FM Show Explained


What Did The 2 Johnnies Say? Sexist Comments As They Promote Their RTE 2FM Show Explained: Johnny O’Brien and Johnny McMohan are the celebrities who together known as Two Johnnies, recently they have become part of people’s discussion since they anchored a new show under their stage name, The 2 Johnnies on RTE, 2FM. Within 3 days of the start of their RTE’s 2FM drivetime show, it has been canceled because of their inappropriate comments that were not absolutely liked by the audience. People have taken over the internet to learn this news and we have come up with this article to make you educated on this controversial incident so take a peek at the given below sections. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

The 2 Johnnies

What Did The 2 Johnnies Say?

As we have mentioned above the show got canceled within three days of the start of the show due to inappropriate comments. According to the reports, The 2 Johnnies show of RTE 2FM was kicked start on Monday and halted on Thursday. The reason behind the cancellation of the 2FM show was the virulent sexiest remarks that were made by the anchors of the show. But the main question is what did the two celebrities say during their podcast, to learn the answer to this question scroll down the screen of your device.

The 2 Johnnies Sexist Comments Explained

As per the sources, the anchors of the show made virulent comments that sounded offensive to the audience. Reportedly, presenters were reading car stickers that were contained vulgar texts. During the podcast The 2 Johnnies the duo said “Tyres are like women as they are useless unless they are squealing, Workin’ the ground and droppin* the hand” while the other Johnny said, “I got your woman in my Focus, Hocus Pocus”. And these remarks offended many which led to the cancellation of the show. Go through the further section to learn more about them.

Tons of comments and critics can be seen on social media that are condemning the comments of The Two Johnnies. Now the show is pending due to the outrage of comments. As we have mentioned above Johnny O’Brien and Johnny McMohan are the two personalities who are accused of posting virulently sexist videos. Now they are feeling the heat of criticism for making sexist comments about women that humiliated and created a toxic culture in society. Keep visiting our page to read such news articles and to get daily updates on trending news.

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