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What did LA’DARIUS Tweet About Monica? Ladarius Smith Accusations Explained


What did La’Darius Tweet About Monica? Ladarius Smith Accusations Explained: Ladarious Marshall and Monica Aldama are in talks due to their controversy in season 2 of Cheer, Cheer is web series on Netflix and Cheer is famous for its drama, tumbles, and pyramids. The matter catch the fire on the internet after the arrest of Jerry Harris and Ladarious Marshall’s quitting the show. Ladarious Marshall tweeted about Monica on social media. Let’s discuss this matter and see the full insight of this story through this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


What did La’Darius Tweet About Monica?

Ladarious Marshall announced his quit in season 2 of Cheer and accused Aldama, he said Monica was not there for him when he wanted her most and accused her of bullying him. Ladarious Marshall is a television individual who is holding American citizenship since his birth and he was recognized worldwide after his role in Netflix’s Cheer. He is among the audience favorites for his skills of cheerleading and impactful appearance in the show. But recently he decided his quit the show during season 2 and tweeted about Monica that when Monica returned from Dancing With the Stars she forgot where she belonged and according to reports Ladarious Marshall also accused Navarro College and Monica of mental and physical abuse.

Ladarius Smith Accusations Explained

In order to leave the show, during episode 6 he said I am done and I have cheered with them but I can not kill myself anymore and I am tired up as my body has died and burnt. In addition, he used the Instagram story feature to tell his fans that he will post a video in which he will explain the truth and what is the reason behind his quitting the show and he also wants to tell the truth and clear the air. Ladarious Marshall replied to one of his fans who tweeted that if you don’t return then there will be no season 3 of the Cheer as these newcomers have no charm like you. In reply, Marshall said I will not be back.


What Did La’Darius Say?

Currently, he is living in Pensacola, Florida and he is a  cheerleading coach Monica Aldama recently released a book titled Full Out: Lessons In Life and Leadership From America’s Favorite Coach. When Monica was accused by Marshall, she said she was deeply hurt as she went beyond and above the limits for him and she has done for him that anyone could not think. For now, that’s it on this story, stay tuned for more news and explore the news world with us.

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