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What did Ketaki Chitale Post About Sharad Pawar? Derogatory Meaning On Facebook


What did Ketaki Chitale Post About Sharad Pawar? Derogatory Meaning On Facebook: Recently, the news was circulating on the internet that Thane Police apprehended a Marathi actor Ketaki Chitale for posting a derogatory tweet on social media sites regarding NCP president Sharad Power. When the tweet was posted on the internet, everyone was shocked. And can’t believe that the person who tweeted it was okay with his mind or somebody going wrong with him. Because no one has ever tried to post something disrespectful to anybody, especially in his case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Ketaki Chitale

What did Ketaki Chitale Post About Sharad Pawar?

He was a big personality and a powerful person. He can do anything with his powers but he never does that. The message in Marathi that Chitale posted on Friday did not specify who the person was that tweeted on his account. It just gave Pawar’s surname and his age was 80.

Ketaki Chitale Arrested Over Post Against Sharad Pawar

As you already the actor did really wrong with the Sharad Pawar. Thane Police have arrested him. He was 29 years old and living in Navi Mumbai. It was not known how many members are there in the family. And where they are now. Cops are very strict in this case. And they are thinking that people get more freedom when the internet came out. Before the internet, no one ever tries to push down a big celebrity or any famous personality.

But when the platforms came, people are taking things lighter. And assuming that they can’t be caught by the cop’s eyes. But they don’t know everyone’s system has a flaw and they will find out any personal details by just locating the one’s IP address. Now things are a lot easier when the internet comes out. No one hides their personality from the internet. Anyone will track it by just locating the one’s address.

Ketaki Chitale Arrest Charges Explained

Ketaki was charged under several sections of the Indian Penal Code. According to sources, he has been charged under sections 500 defamation, 501 printing or engraving defamatory content, and 153A promoting animosity between various groups based on religion, race, caste, birth, and language. Cops also filed an FIR and they are strict in this case. They not going to release him easily even if they get the paper of his bail. Also, Twitter has updated its norms and rules. So that if one would try to do this, then his post will automatically be deleted.



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