What Did Jennie Nguyen Say, Racist FB Post – Is She A BLM Hater? Explained: In 2020, Jennie Nguyen used racial comments in her Facebook and Instagram postings. Jennie Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American businesswoman and reality TV star. Her role on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has made her famous. Jennie was observed tweeting her thoughts on Black Lives Matter protests and news about black people in 2020. People appeared to despise her viewpoints, and they were spotted speaking out against Jennie. Nguyen later apologized for saying things that were hurtful to individuals. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jennie Nguyen

What did Jennie Nguyen Say about this?

Jennie Nguyen made several derogatory remarks against black people in 2020. Furthermore, she expressed her dissatisfaction with people who believe cops require additional training. People had 18 years to teach their children that looting, stealing, setting buildings on fire, blocking traffic, lasering people’s eyes, overturning automobiles, destroying structures, and attracting citizens were all wrong.

She was puzzled as to who had failed. She also shared a message claiming that hundreds of black people are shot and many are killed by other black people every week. Rioters damaged almost a thousand officers, some of whom are permanently disabled. Anarchists are rioting every night in major cities, according to the post, causing billions of dollars in damage to private and public property. In reality, Jennie believes that police officers are not the issue and that anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot.

Jennie Nguyen: Racist FB Post Explained

In the year 2020, Jennie Nguyen shared and posted several racist articles on Facebook. Many people believe she is a BLM detractor. Black Lives Matter is abbreviated as BLM. Furthermore, Jennie had shared a meme with a description that reads, “If you follow the officer’s commands, you won’t get shot.” It has a photo of Ken Jeong’s character from Community cupping his hands to yell with the statement, “If you follow the officer’s directions, you won’t get shot.” On the 27th of August, 2020, she shared the post.

Not only that, but Jennie had also uploaded a post purporting to show George Floyd attacking a student in Spain. She is also suspected of criticizing her co-star Mary M. Cosby for being racist. During the global Black Lives Matter rallies in 2020, Jennie was seen on social media tweeting and reposting memes and photographs with phrases like BLM Thugs and Violet Gangs.

Who is Jennie Nguyen?

Jennie Nguyen is from Vietnam and she is a Vietnamese-American reality TV star and businesswoman. When she was 7, she moved to the US to grow in her profession. And through that, she achieved fame through his acting career.


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