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What Did Janice Long Die of the cause of death and illness explained


What Did Janice Long Die of the cause of death and illness explained: BBC Radio presenter and former Top of the Pops host Janice Long has died at the age of 66 after a brief battle with illness, it has been told by her agent Nigel Forsyth who has confirmed the news with a statement, he has stated that she was suffering from a short illness before she passed away, she was surrounded by her family at the time of her death. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Janice Long

Who was Janice Long?

Janice was an English radio presenter who is best known for her appearances across BBC Radio, including their Radio 1 and Radio 2 channels, the star who grew up in Liverpool, she originally trained as a flight attendant with Laker airways before she turned her attentions to telesales and insurance.

She then went on to become station assistance at BBC Radio Merseyside in the year 1979 where her clear hosting talent got spotted and she was eventually given her own show, Janice hosted Streetlife on Sunday mornings, where she interviewed Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Paul Gambaccini as part of a local show.

What Did Janice Long Die of?

She was later recommended to BBC radio 1 by broadcaster Paul before she made her debut with a Saturday-night show in the year 1982, Chart show Top of the Pops, they welcomed her as the first female presenter in the year 1983, where she co-presented the show alongside John Peel.

Janice returned to co-present the final show in the month of July in the year b 2006 after decades of working with Crash FM, BBC Radio 2, and BBC Radio 6 Music, she also presented four-night a week on BBC Radio Wales right up until her death, as well as the Saturday afternoon slot on Greatest Hits Radio.

Janice also appeared on The X Factor, Countdown, and The Weakest Link, as well as lending her voice to BBC Three’s Desperate Midwives.

Janice Long Death Cause

The exact cause of her death is not known as of this point in time, the people who are close to her have confirmed her passing following a short illness, she got hospitalized for a brief battle, it has been revealed that she passed away on the day of Christmas, her agent Nigel has stated,

“Janice was a wonderful, warm human being and exceptional broadcaster. She told a brilliant story and always made you roar with laughter with her sharp wit. She will leave behind her husband Paul and two children.”

“Janice loved the BBC and started her career as a station assistant at BBC Radio Merseyside in 1979, to complete it with the magnificent people at BBC Radio Wales. Janice wanted it known she was so thankful to the NHS and all who looked after her there.”

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