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Weld County Tornado Warning Today: Livestock Deaths, Injures Family’s Horse Damage Images!


As per the recent news, A tornado touched down north of Firestone on Monday evening. It traveled to a northwest area of Platteville which is three miles in Weld County. As we all that tornados can destroy many areas along with thousands of lives. First, we would like to tell you about the tornado, a tornado is a type of windstorm that strongly rotates in the column of air, it is also kept in contact with the surface of the earth and as well as a cumulonimbus cloud or in some case, the base of the cloud. A tornado is also known as a whirlwind, twister, or cyclone.

Weld County Tornado Warning Today

Weld County Tornado Warning Today

According to the reports Airtraker7 recorded the video of the tornado in the west of Plattville at 05:15 PM. Also, the tornado remained for a few minutes on the ground. Tornado has ruined many things and few lives as well because it covered more than 14 miles of the path includes 25 Interstate of Weld County east.

In the area where the Tornado touched down,  a tornado warning has been issued by The National Weather Service until 6’o clock. They have immediately instructed the people of the touched area to cover itself. When the NWS said that there is no tornado is rotating anymore then only the warning got expired in the affected area.

It is being said by Weld County authorities that the tornado rotated between WCR 17 and 13, between Highway 66 and Weld County road 42. The tornado was active around 20 minutes 05:15 PM to 05:45 PM. However, there is no harm to lives and not even injuries but two calves were killed in this tornado as they were placed at a farm in Erie. A home burned due to downed power lines at Highway 66.

When the tornado touched down in Weld County,  the National Weather Service announced an alert for the tornado. After some time, they tweeted, “Initial indications show that it tracked roughly from north of Frederick to west of Platteville.” As per the sources, livestock has been and two other houses that included A feedlot and a dairy were destroyed. The National Weather Service is still surveying the damage to find out the exact intensity and damages of the tornado. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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