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Wearable AI Tracker May Detect Coved 19


Recently there are firms bringing up the innovative ideas to improve their market value and have a customer satisfied with the product and there is a recent launch of wearable products that will monitor the changes in the human body as it has the features including detecting the skin health, body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, and skin and muscle health. This technically advanced wearable is jointly programmed with an artificial intelligence unit specially programmed for health that can detect other activities. It is estimated in the initial research of the AI unit in the latest wearable, and the latent variable can be used to check and detect COVID-19 infection days before, as the infection symptoms emerge later. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Wearable AI Tracker

As per the research conducted so far on the coved-19 virus, the virus infection symptoms emerge later as it can take several days for the person to feel differently because of the symptom of Coved, and during that period the person having the Coved-19 infection can spread unintentionally it to other people without knowing them without knowing about the in.

As per the study conducted so far by the researchers, the study is published on the online platform and circulated around the globe via social media platforms and news sources says the study conducted on the device workability concluded that the AI device can track the health of the human body by monitoring and keeping a check on overall aspects of normal health conditions and can give a reminder for a health check-up if it detected something unfamiliar to the human body. as per the study conducted by the researchers, published in online and other news sources, says that the overall health can be tracked by the health tracker.

This device can be linked with the computer having an algorithm-based software program. it is designed specially oriented to human health, the program helps in maintaining standard health conditions. So far results based on the research program of this device artificial intelligence AI-based can give correct results in the identification of Covid-19 for the person detected infection positive, and accuracy is up to 68% as tested on trial bases with our volunteers, the people who are infected with Covid just two days before as the symptoms of Covid appears two days later the device detected the infection positive.

A team of researchers from around the globe Universities medical facility in Brazil, Switzerland, Siliguri, and London, all recommended that PCR testing should remain the top standard for COVID-19 infection detection and also the PCR is giving more accurate and exact results for the Covid in comparison to the AI device research has found the variable machine learning AI cancer promising tool AI can give specially designed tools on its device which can operate to give to give which can operate to give propose import Matic who is symptomatic. research has found that variable machine learning and AI can serve as a promising tool for pre-symptomatic or symptomatic detection of coved 19.

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