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Waukesha Parade Victims List: Names, Photos, GoFundMe Pages


Waukesha Parade Victims List: Names, Photos, GoFundMe Pages: Four of the people at the Waukesha event in Wisconsin are the parade victims who are the members of the Dancing Grannies which is a beloved dance troupe, it is a mainstay at Winscosnsin parades, the fifth victim was an employee at a local bank, the prosecutors have revealed a sixth victim who has now died, he seems to be a small boy. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Waukesha Parade Victims

Waukesha Parade Victims Names List

Police have named the victims as Virginia Sorenson, 79; LeAnna Owens, 71; Tamara Durand, 52; Jane Kulich, 52; and Wilhelm Hospel, 82. There is a sixth victim who has died now, Jackson Sparks who has died at the age of 8, the family has announced his death on their GoFundMe page.

His brother named Tucker is also seriously injured, there are more than 60 people who are injured and are being discharged to their homes, Tucker has also been in the Intensive Care Unit and was seriously injured, this has been stated by the authorities as of this point in time.

What Happened At Waukesha Parade?

A person named Darrell Brooks is the individual who seems to be in the custody as a person of interest and he is the one who is being questioned by the authorities as of this point in time in connection with the vehicle incident which has happened in Waukesha. Police squads were at a Milkwaukke address which was used by Brooks after his name got mentioned on the scanner in connection with the Waukesha parade incident in which at least 40 people including many children got injured when a Ford Escape plowed through the crowd, he complained of shoulder pain when he was taken into custody.

Waukesha Parade Victims Photos

He is the person who has come out as the prime suspect for being the driver of the Ford Escape which was overspeeding, the vehicle which crushed numerous individuals including adults and children, this chilling incident took place during the Christmas Day parade which was happening in Waukesha. There have close shots of the driver and he has been now taken into custody by the authorities and he is being questioned on this insane stunt which has caused the lives of many and more than 40 people have gotten injured.

Jackson Sparks

Jackson Sparks

Virginia Sorenson

LeAnna Owen

Tamara Durand

Jane Kulich GoFundMe Page

Wilhelm Hospel

Jessalyn Kohnke GoFundme Page

Jessalyn Kohnke

Perales Family GoFundMe page

Perales FamilyAidan

Laughrin Family GoFundMe Page for AidanTamara Rosentreter GoFundMe page

Tamara Rosentreter

Tyler GoFundMe page


There are multiple GoFundMe pages to help other people, which includes children and teenagers, who have survived the attack but they are recovering in local hospitals or fighting for their lives, all of them seem to be having their GoFundMe pages as the families are in a bad state of mind and these are the times when the communities need to help out the people who have suffered from this tragic incident.

Waukesha Xtreme Dance team dancers GoFundMe page

Waukesha Xtreme Dance team dancers

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