Since the lockdown was implemented people had a lot of time to binge-watch their favourite tv shows. Series on OTT platforms have flourished more than the ones telecasted on television as new episodes of the shows were not available because of the lockdown scenario.  But as the lockdown has been easing up there are news and speculations about a lot of shows returning on television with a second season or more.

One similar show is Watchmen. The show used to air on HBO last year. The first season of the show has already been completed and aired as well. The first season of Watchmen aired on October 20, 2019, and the episodes were released one on weekly basis till December. There were a total of 9 episodes in Season 1 of Watchmen.

Watchmen is a series based on a famous comic book by DC. Hence it is surely a favourite of all the DC comic fans. The series is a superhero drama. The creator of this superhero series is Damon Lindelof.

Watchmen Season 2 Release date

The story of Watchmen revolves around the racial violence and injustice that follows the quest of protagonists to establish normalcy return. The series got a great response from the audience which made it become one of the most-watched series on HBO. Watchmen have a great fan base and people loved the concept of the show. Even the critics were blown by the show and the screenplay and gave it a nice review. What makes the series more interesting is the creative storyline and this is one of the factors which separates it from the original comic. Hence considering it a reboot won’t be justice to this series.

Some news has been in the air recently about the new season of the series. People are making speculations about the release of the second season of Watchmen and the internet is flooding with this news.

It’s been six months since the first season of Watchmen aired on television. People are not excited and making random speculations about the next season. As of now the makers of the show have not confirmed any news on Season 2 of the series but seeing the excitement in their audience they might give something soon.

Another news that has been heard about the show is Damon Lindelof who is the creator of the show said that he won’t be the showrunner for season 2. He also said, that for him the story for Watchmen had ended with the ending of Season 1.

One more heartbreaking news has come to limelight the lead of the show Regina King also dropped the news that she won’t be joining the cast of Watchmen for season 2 of the show. This is mainly because Damon Lindelof won’t be a part anymore and she does not want to work in his absence.

Earlier it was also said that the story of Watchmen series will start anew in Season 2 like the storyline of Fargo and True Detective. Hope season 2 which is coming with a renew be worth watching just like the first season.

Hopefully, the new season will be released soon and all the speculations revolving around about the release will be put to an end for the audience.


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