Home News WATCH: What Is Kenah Huggins Story? Death Cause Video On Reddit Explained

WATCH: What Is Kenah Huggins Story? Death Cause Video On Reddit Explained


WATCH: What Is Kenah Huggins Story? Death Cause Video On Reddit Explained: Recently, a video became trending on social media which attracted many users’ attention. More and more users are curious to watch the video. The video was Kenah Huggins who’s feet were slipped from the mountain and fell into the river of EI Yunque. It was an old video that was captured in 2012. The video of Kenah Huggins is going viral on the internet. She and her friend make a plan to see the beauty of nature. Both decided to go for hiking to enjoy the sightseeing of nature. Luckily, her friend has a camera and the whole incident was recorded on the camera. Kenah’s friend caught the moment when she was being swept away by a fast-flowing river then fell down in an attempt to take pictures near the waterfall. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kenah Huggins

What Is Kenah Huggins Story?

She was 35 years old who accidentally fell into the river while taking pictures of beautiful sightseeing with her friends. Everything happened suddenly in which her friend didn’t get enough time to do something about it and she can’t do anything. Those who watched the full video are giving the responses. The video was first shared on Reddit which later became viral on other platforms and people are giving their opinions.

The 35-year-old girl was with her friends when they visited the tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico. She was posing it and clicking the photo near a waterfall. Suddenly, her feet were slipped and fell into a waterfall. The body was disappeared. Her friend was first shocked and yelled in public that somebody helps her. She was drowned. Rescuers have tried all possible ways but her body didn’t found. Later, officials declared her dead.

Kenah Huggins Death Cause Video On Reddit

After struggling and facing for so many days, her body was shown on an island called Mountain Park where searchers found pieces of clothing that may belong to her who has now left the world too soon. Carmen Winstead who was the friend of Kenah shared this video with a group. Her friend was sad to lose her. She says she was my best friend. Whenever I was sad, feeling demotivated, doesn’t want to live this life. She was there to motivate me. She makes me feel happy and brings smiles to many faces. We know how hard it was when you lost your best friend, and nothing feels like the same. May her soul rest in peace.

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