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WATCH: Wayne Couzens Interview Video: ‘Tried To Blame Eastern European Gang’ says Wayne Couzens


WATCH Wayne Couzens Interview Video: The disappearance of Saraha Everad creating a news headline. She was kidnapped by a police officer, Wayne Couzens. He has also given a statement in which, Wayne Couzens Interview Video, he said, “I hadn’t any other choice to kidnapped her and then I handed over her to a gang of Eastern Europea after I had tried to Rip-off, on their call girl.” He was getting arrested on 9th March. He is 48 years old, and in the interview, he has given the wrong statements. This news has created a panic in the city.

Wayne Couzens Interview Video

Wayne Couzens Interview Video

There is a video in which we can see him sitting on a said and he is in a white shirt and black shorts, he also shows a photo of her to know whether she is 33 years old. He was also seen saying and talking about his financial issues as he was forced by a gang to pick up a girl for them. Couzens’s words are, “I was going through financial shits, and leaned on by a gang to kidnapped a girl for them.” He further said that “I also ripped off one of their call girls and the gang approached me to do the same again. And they also booked a Hotel ‘Burstin’ it is in Folkestone.”

He also shared that, “a gang reached to his home and pressurized him fro another cat.” Meanwhile, he got aimless and finding someone. He then handed over a girl to the gang and she is from Bulgaria Romania Albania this is near a racecourse which is in Ashford Kent. He also tells that the gang pushed him aye from their car and then they took the girl along with them.

When the authorities ask him about the girl he claims to be not known much about her. In another statement, he says, “If I can do something to bring her back from a gang I will do it in this minute. But also going to repeat this as these guys are business for me and my family is in need of money. I will do it again for my family.”

Evard was heading towards her home in the evening after spending time with her friends on March 3rd. He shows his official card to her and told her that he has the arrest warrant agents her. this is how he executed his plan to kidnap her. He is under arrest.

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