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WATCH: Virginia Beach Video Shows John Eskildsen Taunting Neighbours Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Virginia Beach Video Shows John Eskildsen Taunting Neighbours Goes Viral On Social Media: There is a Virginia Beach man who is now identified as John Michael Eskildsen who has been reportedly harassed by the neighbors having a motion sensor triggers monkey noises and racial slurs. A black navy veteran named Jannique Martinez has claimed that she and her family have been the subject of Eskildsen’s taunting and here is what she has stated. Follow Updates On GetIndiaNews.com

Virginia Beach Video

Virginia Beach Video

There is shocking footage which was obtained by CNN in which there is a motion sensor which was triggering flashlights and monkey noises started off which is coming from outside the owner’s home. Martinez has reportedly shared with the media, whenever they used to step out of their house, the monkey noises would start off and it was very disgusting and racist.

She stated her son is terrified of him, the N-word situation, she stated, her son came to her and asked what is the N-word, she stated she has never said anything about this to her kid, she never wanted them to learn what it means. The alleged harasser is at the age of 47 and the name is John Michael Eskildsen.

Eskildsen has a number of cameras at his property, she stated they are constantly under surveillance, she further stated there are a total of eight cameras which they are aware of.

Virginia Beach Police Respond

Martinez has alerted the police about the harassment, before being told this, this is offensive and it has no authority to intervene, they have stated, as offensive and appalling the neighbor’s behavior are, this cannot be counted as an offense, the actions which have been reported does not rise to a level that Virginia law defines as criminal behavior.

This statement means VBPD has had no authority to intervene and warrants cannot be supported, the department ensured the residents that the situation is going to be monitored and the complaints are going to be investigated when within limits of the law.

There are going to be further revelations in the story and we are going to be updating you about the whole story as the story develops further, we will update you as soon as something important comes up under our radar. The users are thrashing the man as he is harassing someone and this needs to be stopped if all of this is true.

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