Home Entertainment WATCH: Video Shows Snake’s ‘Death Performance’ Horrifies Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Video Shows Snake’s ‘Death Performance’ Horrifies Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Video Shows Snake’s ‘Death Performance’ Horrifies Goes Viral On Social Media: One another horrifying video is currently suffering all over the Internet and giving goosebumps. The video of one snake’s “demised performance” has recently gone viral online. The video was posted on Tuesday by Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on a Facebook page and the within 2-3 days the video has gained 33 million views. Netizens were both horrified and shocked by the snake’s Oscar-worthy act. The video started with a black snake that features a cobra slithering around in the dirt. After a few moments later, the snake wreathes around itself and then turns over onto its back. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Video Shows Snake's 'Death Performance' Horrifies

Video Shows Snake’s ‘Death Performance’ Horrifies

With its mouth open, the snake tries to tie itself into a knot. Later on, after turning and sliding all over the ground, the reptile stops moving. In the final part of the video, the reptile is completely lifeless as it lies motionless on its back. The DNR clarified in its post that the snake is not dead and neither is it a cobra.

The DNR stated that “Nope, not a cobra. In fact, it is not even a venomous snake. It is actually just a native eastern adder putting on the theatrical performance of its life. When this creepy creature feels menaced, it flares its body and neck by breathing in deeply and then throwing out the air with an astonishing and impressive… hiss. If that does not work, an adder will forcefully roll onto its back and start to squirm violently as if in dreadful pain.”


But this performance does not stop there, As per the department, the reptile may also “revert its cloacal vent, hurl its stomach defecate, contents, release odor and even bleed from its mouth.” The taste adder can be found from southern Florida to central New England stated the University of Georgia on its website. As per the school, the reptile preys on frogs, small mammals, salamanders, and birds rarely do this snake try to attack humans.

The DNR explained in the comment section of its post, “Adder snakes rarely ever bite humans. They had much rather play demised like in the video above! Their venom is mild to humans and only prey items such as amphibians and toads need to B E W A R E.” In many cases, those who have been bitten by an easter adder were handling the snake after handling toads or frogs, as per the Florida Museum. Watchers of the Georgia DNR’s video could not believe their eyes.

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