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WATCH: Udaariyaan 16th December 2021 full episode written update: Fateh brings gift for Tejo


WATCH: Udaariyaan 16th December 2021 full episode written update: Fateh brings gift for Tejo: Today’s episode starts with Tejo’s mother as she asks Rupi what will they tell society and tells him to talk to Tejo if she is thinking about her relationship with Angad. Tejo is in her and thinking about Tejo. Fateh is also thinking about Tejo. Tejo thinks that she is not able to forget him. She wonders whether he is fine and makes a call to her father. Rupi keeps the phone on speaker so that Satti can talk to her. Tejo’s mother gets emotional hearing Tejo’s voice. She asks her to make a video call. She does the same. She asks her why she left without meeting her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com



Tejo asks about Fateh. Rupi recalls Fateh’s words and lies about Jasmine that she called him and was showing him a big house of her. He asks her to think about herself only. Tejo says that she is happy seeing them. Her father cries. Angad comes there and sees her crying. He thinks she can’t see her like this. He says that he has to help her move on in her life. Tejo recalls her father’s words and thinks that she is feeling that her father was lying to her. She thinks whether they are fine.

Tejo asks God what is written in her fate and why is she facing all this in her life. Angad makes a call to RR Sharma’s wife and asks for her help. She agrees as he called her his favorite. A man comes to Fateh and tells him that Bani is calling him for urgent work. Fateh recalls how was she trying to touch him. Angad is outside his house and waiting for someone but he goes inside as Riya wakes up. Fateh comes there with a box. Bani calls him and asks him if he reached the location. She asks him to give the box to the Sir there.

Tejo feels Fateh’s presence and rushes to see him from the window. She gets upset, not seeing him there. Here, the box falls down from Fateh’s hands. He sees cinderella’s dress and imagines Tejo in the dress. He dances with her in his imagination. He comes back to reality hearing a maid’s voice. She asks if Tanya sent him. He says yes. Angad also fails to see Fateh. Tejo decides to throw the dupatta so that she can move on in her life. Fateh leaves the place.

Here, Angad sees her throwing the Dupatta. Tejo comes to her room and Angad also comes. Angad gives her the dress and asks her to take it as a gift. Jasmine asks the receptionist about Angad. She says that she is not at the office. She shouts at her. She hears the receptionist telling a mand about Angad. She decides to meet him. Everyone met at the party. Angad and Tejo dance. Jasmine sees them and Fateh too. Watch the full episode of  “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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