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WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard’s Speech on Ukraine Video Goes Viral On YouTube and Twitter


WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard’s Speech on Ukraine Video Goes Viral On YouTube and Twitter: According to reports, there is a piece of news coming out on the internet that Tulsi Gabbard was pushing up to Ukraine to do a war. Following her prior defense of Russia, former Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has urged Vladimir Putin to halt his invasion of Ukraine. Tulsi, who served in Congress from 2013 to 2021 in Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district, turned to Twitter to urge Putin to cease the bloodshed. It’s evident that the Russian and Ukrainian peoples both want to live in peace, so I ask you to stop this assault before it reaches a point of no return and horrific suffering occurs. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tulsi Gabbard's Speech on Ukraine Video

Tulsi Gabbard’s Speech on Ukraine Video

Dear President Putin, Zelensky, and Biden. It’s time to put the geopolitics aside and embrace the spirit of aloha, respect, and love for the Ukrainian people by coming to an agreement that Ukraine will be a neutral country. No military alliance with NATO or Russia is present there. No Russian or NATO troops were involved in the non-Baltic borders. This would allow the Ukrainian people to be stress-free from their minds and to live in peace.

Before she tried to defend Putin. She was trying to stop the war but she can’t do it. She tried many many times but whenever she asks Putin. A reason came from his side and he didn’t want to complete her talk. Another reason was that the Russian troops were already expanded and they come to the border of Ukraine country. Putin has made clear all along that their security in his mind is what’s at stake here. And they do not want to see US and NATO troops. Putin also says Ukraine is not the country. It’s a part of a small box, which you can fold, take, hold or destroy.

He also says I don’t see Ukraine as a country. Whenever it comes to the parts of the country then he becomes selfish. Right now, as you already, see many videos and are aware of the online media that Putin was very serious and he did not take back the rules and regulations of Ukraine country. He was already prepared to do the war. Russian people and Ukrainian people has now in a worrying situation. They don’t know what they will do in this type of situation. Gabbard also believed that the Biden administration wanted Russia to invade Ukraine so the US could impose draconian sanctions.

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