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WATCH: Tornado wreaks havoc in Heredia Video Goes Viral


WATCH: Tornado wreaks havoc in Heredia Video Goes Viral: The news is coming from Heredia at 2:40 pm on Saturday, the residents of Heredia saw their afternoon getting interrupted by the passage of the tornado, one of the most effective areas has been the San Vicente de Paul Hospital, there have been several videos and photos which have been captured by the people who show the impact of the natural phenomenon. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tornado Heredia

Watch Tornado Heredia Video Online

The force of the winds overturned a vehicle, in addition to tearing zinc sheets and damaging the awnings at the entrance of the hospital, it has been reported by the Fire Department, due to the winds which it had to attend to three emergencies are all related to short circuits.


One of them took place in Fatima which happened in front of the Chamber of industry and commerce, the third one occurred in front of the San Francisco school, there have been no reports of people getting injured or killed due to the natural phenomenon, it has been stated by the institution.

It seems like this has really rattled the community as there has been so much destruction of property in the areas and it occurred, on top of it, it decided to take place at a hospital which is not at all safe and sound, there are people who are already suffering and getting treated and then they have to deal with a tornado, this has been a scary incident.

As of now, there hasn’t been any statement from the authorities, there are going to be further updates in the story as we head-on in the week, there is a lot which hasn’t been stated as of yet, there has been no update o the injuries and deaths if there have been any due to the incident.

There are not many updates as of now, we are going to be on our toes and we are going to be sharing the 0further revelations in the story as there is going to be more data in the public domain which is going to come out in the coming days and as soon as it comes, we will update you guys with the full story having all of the developments.

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